Gamecube GBA Link cable batteryless mod (for GBPlayer)

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    Oct 31, 2006
    Since now i'm using my old non-backlit GBA only as a GBPlayer gamepad, i am thinking about making a batteryless mod.
    My idea is to bridge the Link port lines with the battery contacts.
    The Gamecube gba link is providing 3.3V, which is exactly what 2 fresh alkaline batteries provide (1.65V*2).
    About the amperage, the label on the back of the GBA says it requires 350mA, which i guess the GC is able to provide too considering the gamepad ports are supposed to power the rumble motors...

    Side questions:
    - do you know if it is possible to access the GBPlayer menu when using a GBA as a controller? (there is no "Z" button)
    - can i remove the GBA LCD and still power on the console?
  2. kongsnutz

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    You can remove the LCD and power on still....... not sure on the rest.
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    AA batteries only provide 1.5v, not 1.65... so you may want to add a small resistor, since 3.3v is 0.3v too much.
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