Gamecube Backup Launcher and PKMN Colosseum bonus disk

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    Hey guys

    I just got myself a copy of the Pokemon Colosseum bonus disk. (YAY free Jirachi!!) I slapped it on the end of a multi-game DVD (unshrunk). GC Backup Launcher recognizes that its there. Great, or so I thought.
    I can load the game 4 different ways and get bad results each way...
    Press A for auto detect ======= green loading screen freeze
    Press Y for force NTSC ======= game loads, starting a "mode" completely resets the Wii, home menu does not reappear
    Press Start for rebooter ======= same as pressing Y, except a lot slower
    Press B for patched mIOS ====== game loads, starting a "mode" completely resets the Wii, home menu appears

    The compatibility list says that all "modes" will work if loaded with rebooter (Start). Since the other games on the DVD work, I doubt that I have a burn issue. I'm pretty sure that I have a good ISO, it's 1.35 GB and it does load, after all.
    But what I want to know is... How did the person who added the compatibility get the "modes" to work?

    Here's the compat. list
    I'm using GC backup launcher Xi

    Any help is appreciated. If you don't see a problem on my end, I can wait until the next version of the launcher.
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    Hey man! i dont know if u already did it but, i was having the same problem and i finally got it to work! YEAH I GOT A FRICKING JIRACHI!!
    I'm gonna tell u my exact config so u can try it:

    - I have the wii backup loader channel gamma 0.3 and installed MIOS v5 to use it on that channel by pressing X on the installation screen of the MIOS.
    - I burned the pokemon bonus disc (unshrunk) as the 3rd game of 4 on a multigame disc.
    - The multigame disc i burned is PAL and my wii is NTSC-U but if u use the wii backup loader there's no problem.
    - I got the GC backup launcher v0.2 on the SD (don't know if that has something to do with it, so i better write it too)
    - I used the wii backup channel and loaded the game with Start (the only 1 that works)

    When the jirachi option works it askes u if u have an empty space on ur GBA party, if u answer "no" it will restart.

    Good luck!

    P.D. Im gonna send u some other messages in case u dont read this 1