Gameboy and Gameboy Advance Sticker/Label Replacements?

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    I gave my younger cousins a bunch of my gameboy games and gameboy advance games. they are older now, and were nice enough to give them back to me. but they ripped all the sticker labels off, lol.

    Anyone know where I can get sticker replacements for my old cartridges? They don't have to be exact replicas.

    If I can't buy them anywhere, I might just print them off and glue them on myself or something. I don't need to look freaking awesome via photoshop skills, but I do need a way to identify my games by and look better than a sharpie.

    The only question I have as far as printing goes, is what is the size (resolution/pixel size) of gameboy advance sticker labels, what about gameboy color games? and regular gameboy games?
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    Jul 16, 2013
    You could just use a simple writable duct tape. And I don't think anyone would sell just the label.
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    you can use sticker printing paper to reprint the label and a piece of clear tape to protect it from wear. The only hard part is getting the dimensions for the label right when printing it, i am sure someone has done this for GBC and GBA games i personally have only done this with NES games (with very little success).
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    do you have a lazer printer? im pretty sure you can get sticker paper with a glossy finish.

    see what they have at the local dollar store. if nothing else you can use a combination of Photo paper and double sided tape, OR Sticker paper and transparent stick on sheet. (probably all available at wal-mart)