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    The point of this game is to think of different existing game mechanics and try to solve them by thinking like a programmer. You don't need to be a programmer to participate (I'm not), but some basic knowledge is probably needed to understand the game.
    Before you post a solution to the problem, please provide us with a short explanation as to how it works in-game. Please put your solution in SPOILER tags if it's long.
    I'll start.

    In Tomodachi Life, when you don't visit or interact with a Mii for a long amount of time, the next time you do they will call you out on it or barely remember your name.

    My solution:
    • Create variable “lastvisit” that's unique to every Mii and counts up by one every day the game runs and the Mii is not visited.
    • When a Mii is visited, check “lastvisit” and if it's more than 30, they will not remember you. After checking, whatever the number is, it will get reset to 0.
    • When the game is saved, the time and date it was saved will also get written to the save file.
    • When the game is loaded, check the save time. If there are days when the game hasn't been open, add every day between the save time and current time to every Mii's “lastvisit” variable.
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    why no 1 reply?:unsure: idk too what is the meaning of this thread
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    In Splatoon 2:

    if (userWantsToPlay) {
    disconnect(); // it's a feature not a bug​
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