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    Now that 2010 has passed, I thought it'd be nice to talk about the soundscore of games in the last year, since this was by far one of the best years for gaming soundtracks.

    I'd probably say by far the best was Red Dead Redemption. The background musical score was designed to always fit the mood, and when you reach Mexico, the impact of the song that plays (Far Away) is just amazing. I could even say it's the best musical score in a video game ever. Don't go all "AW CHIPTUNES ARE SO MUCH BETTER BECAUSE THEY'RE OLD", nothing in terms of sound in a video games has stricken as much emotion in me as RDR.

    Alan Wake was also pretty good. The cheesy-but-somehow-awesome Children of the Elder Gods (it plays when you're on-stage at the Old Gods of Asgard farm) is amazingly catchy, and the ambient music is pretty great.

    No More Heroes 2 is a worthy successor to the first game in terms of music at least. Try not to get Hagio Take 2 (or Philistine, Margret's song) stuck in your head, no matter how nerdy it is.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 also delivered a great, sweeping orchestra score.

    Anything you guys think was great?

    EDIT: Some of the songs I mentioned for reference:

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    I agree, SMG2 was great. But what else could we expect after SMG's soundtrack? ;>
    One of my favourite soundtracks of 2010 is FFXIII's, even though Nobuo Sakaguchi had no part in it, it rocks. I specially love how diverse it is. Some of my favourite tracks:
    Then there's Xenoblade, with possibly the most epic game music ever (?):
    Finally, The 3rd Birthday:
    This year I'm looking forward to The Last Story's soundtrack and Catherine's as well.
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    As usual, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep had a soundtrack that blew me away. I love the orchestration of the music, and how it incorporates so well into the story.

    Layton has a great soundtrack as well. It makes an accordion sound cool for some reason.

    Pokemon Black and White has a great soundtrack, and very faithful to the series overall music.

    I don't like the series, but I must admit that HALO Reach has a good soundtrack.

    Final Fantasy XIII had a great soundtrack, but I guess that I like the music of the entire FF series in general.

    Mass Effect 2 had a cool sci-fi feel soundtrack to it. I like it.
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    Ace indie platformer VVVVVV has an amazing chiptune soundtrack.

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    KH BbS hands down, and also WoW Cataclysm had some really cool soundtracks.
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    Don't forget Bayonetta. One of the best soundtracks of the year!
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    sonic colors
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    No More Heroes 2 music is just excellent. The new remixes of DKC4 are pretty good. Red Dead Redemption is amazing. But Xenoblade is... Best Wii Music/Game of the Year. Is an orgasm for your ears and eyes. Brilliant, awesome, amazing, etc... Best RPG for Wii and one of the best RPG from the decade. I think The Last Story wouldn't be better. No, Xenoblade will be far better than the new Zelda.

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