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  1. kukukupo

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    Jun 22, 2008
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    Ok, I have the FFTA-2 translation that I spent 10 hours on already. I don't really want to re-do those 10 hours this week when FFTA2 comes out, do you think the save games are transferable?

    Has anyone ever tried the Japanese version save for the US or european rom?

  2. TSPhoenix

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    Aug 7, 2007
    Whether saves are compatible from one region to another is a case by case thing. We don't know yet.
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    To expand on TSPhoenix said there are usually three situations
    1) Works flawlessly. Normally puzzle games, platform games and other simple games work.

    2) Works with errors. FF3 remake had this. The names were stored in Japanese (shiftJIS) while the US rom did not use shiftJIS and consequently the names were all messed up (rather nicely a save editor (actually there were 3 or 4, thundaga is the one I speak of and probably the best one) appeared very quickly and allowed the checksums to be recalculated.

    3) Does not work at all. Usually down to an incompatible format and I know of no cases where converters have been made (not to say they can not be made but nobody has). RPGs and complex games tend to fall into this trap although any game/level of complexity can do this).

    I suspect 2) will be the case as the translation changed the font(s) and the may not match up.