Game Releases 30th April-5th May,TRAIN TO WALK!

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    So very little out this week but meh I'm bored and nothing is on telly apart from horrible West End audition style programs so I'll do another of these threads for those who actually interested (is there any?)
    This time I'm just gonna list all thats due next week, even ones already released in English as well some none Englishfolk may be interested.

    30th April

    Brain Buster Puzzle Pak (U) Release
    Along with the straightforward puzzles in Brain Buster Puzzle Pak, there will be added bonuses that can be unlocked as players enjoy solving the mind benders. For example, various monsters and asteroids distract you as you work on puzzle, but by removing them you earn special hints, adding to the fun factor. Wallpapers also become available after completing certain puzzle problems which can then be used to change the background graphic of each game.

    * Hundreds of different puzzles to play through! Five puzzle games – Sudoku, Kakuro, Light Up, Nurikabe, Slitherlink.
    * Randomly generated puzzles in the training center creates infinite playing time.
    * High score leaderboard so players can try to beat their best times.
    * There is a board puzzle that rewards wallpaper graphics to change the look.
    * Special color therapy mode that features bonus fortune-telling.
    Developed by Nikoli who previous DS game was Sudoku Gridmaster.

    1st May

    Professor Brainium's Games (U) Release
    Build up your brain with the Professor! Professor Brainium is on a mission to expand minds with his favorite brain-building games. These addictive puzzles have challenged the logic of young and old for generations. With both single-player and wireless multiplayer modes Professor Brainium has a challenge for everyone from age 5 to 105. Can you master Professor Brainium's Games?
    No other details or screenshots around.

    3rd May

    Duke Saraie no Kenkou Walking Navi (Translated to English as "Duke Saraie's Health Walking Navi" (J) Release
    This game teaches gamers how to walk. Properly. Players are guided through three steps, going from stretches and basic walking to goal-based walking routines
    Amusing box-art

    4th May

    Diner Dash - Sizzle & Serve (Eur) Release
    Welcome to Diner Dash, the action-puzzle that brings out the entrepreneur in all of us! Poor Flo! Sick and tired of pushing paper in the dreary, bleary-eyed world of finance, she ditched her desk job and now she's rolling up her sleeves and setting out to build her very own empire of high-class, five-star restaurants. It won't be easy, though! Flo's on her own now, and heading for the top! To get there she'll have to start on the ground floor—and she needs your help to survive and thrive. Diner Dash blends the best in fast paced-action puzzles with a build-your-restaurant-empire theme that encourages players to serve their way from a two-table diner to the top of the restaurant ladder – starting with a run-of-the-mill greasy spoon and ending in a dream restaurant.
    Based on the web game and developed by PlayFirst whose other game is Chessmaster Challenge on PC as well as other Diner Dash games.

    Other games released:
    30th April: Rafal Nadal Tennis (US)
    2nd May: Classic Action: Devilish (US)
    4th May: Spider-Man 3 (US/Eur/Aus), Final Fantasy III (Eur/Aus), Meteos: Disney Magic (Eur), Harlem Globetrotters World Tour (Eur)

    So nothing much, Brain Buster Pak might be ok, but I like the look at that walking/fitness game! All dates may change of course.
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    Awesome. Finally a game that can teach me to walk.
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    What the hell is that guy doing with that... girl? Mannequin? Rubber doll? [​IMG]
  4. Jax

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    And soon after...

    OUENDAN 2!!!
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    Brain Buster the Japanese version was released back in September 2006
    0581 - Nemurenai Yoru to Puzzle no Hi ni wa

    It's an ok game if nothing more than a great introduction and rules explanation to the various games. But don't be fooled the puzzles are way too easy and some might not find them challenging enough. Get the real deal instead after you learn the rules to them.

    0481 - Sudoku Gridmaster
    0528 - Puzzle Series Volume 4 Kakuro
    0678 - Puzzle Series Volume 5: Slither Link
    0922 - Puzzle Series Volume 11 - Nurikabe
    0923 - Puzzle Series Volume 12 - Akari (this is Light Up)

    My favorite ones are Slither Link and Akari, followed by Nurikabe.
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    teach how to walk?
    then how about a Kama Sutra game?
    with pictures like that there? [​IMG]
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    .:Outer Heaven:.
  8. legendofphil

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    Duke Saraie no Kenkou Walking Navi isn't out till 17th May.
    Also Meteos: Disney Magic (EUR) isn't out till June and Harlem Globetrotters World Tour (EUR) has been out since November.
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    Yeah bit of a half assed attempt by me, wont do anymore! Only just noticed that the Duke game aint out till then but it was listed for release by play aisa for 3rd so meh.
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    Sorry to break the news...but its coming in the Summer time.

    Release Date: July 2007
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    Me, To You
    I´m interested in Duke Saraie's Health Walking Navi, not kidding. I don´t think I´m walking the right way.
    Not kidding
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    Oct 30, 2006
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    My daughter needs that walking game I think. She's ten months and still just stands around, flapping her arms. I keep telling her to get moving and get a job.

    Kids nowadays, they don't listen. They have to have a video game to teach them anything...
  14. OSW

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    get a job? at 10 months! -_^