Game Records?

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    Is There A Place On GBAtemp Where people can post high scores for games? Real Scores. NOT WITH AN AR or CB. Some thing someone accomplished!
    Because my dad got a score of 3253 wii boxing points (on WiiSports) and i thought someone would want to challenge it? he also got a score of 3,564,539 on Tetris DS. Any Help?
  2. dice

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    Oct 26, 2002
    There'd be no (quick and easy) way of knowing whether they're telling the truth in their scores, let alone whether they used cheats.
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    Heh, Wife® has a multi-million point score in the WiiWare Pong Toss game. She wrecks that shit up. I have (at highest) a 900k score.... and my name doesn't show up on the high-scores anymore (she has 5th place set at 1.4mil... and thats LOWEST now lol)

    On topic, yea, no real way of keeping REAL track of the scores. :-\