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    Game Lore And Mythologies
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    While there's plenty of sports games and others out there that borrow or base themselves on the real world, many times an RPG or action/adventure game is based in it's own fantasy world. In some games the lore is scattered and left as flavor text, but in others the writers and game designers attempted to craft an entire world. Sometimes a game can start out with just flavor text, but then turn into a series where the writers and designers do their best to flesh out the world, sometimes retconning certain facts or acts in order to better fit a new vision.

    While game worlds often have common elements (such as magic and mythical beasts), as they grow various mythologies diverge. In some games magic is a common occurrence, in others it's been replaced by technology, and in still others technology is new and the inhabitants treat it as if it was magic. Many of us have grown up playing these games, and some worlds stand out to us. Perhaps one game had fleshed-out history for a few generations before the current game's time, and the attention to detail amazed you. Perhaps another game had a unique take on magic, which made it stand out from your standard RPG.

    To discuss your favorite game mythologies, please click the On-Going Discussion link.[/p]

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