Game launches but shuts down straight after USB is disconnected

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    I might not be the only one but i have something that has been irritating me for the past few days.

    My Nintendo Switch (Kosmos 11.7.1 Atmosphere 0.8.2) has started to crash when i load a game up; Super Mario Odyssey started to show this a few weeks ago but was quickly repaired when i had format the SD Card but recently this problem had started to occur when i put, by accident, an corrupted SD Card; which made my games start to corrupt; I'm not sure whether this is a SD Card problem or a switch Problem but i will keep you informed; I am a TEEN and I go school so i might delay my replies and updates. (like the other post)

    - This only occurs when the game is trying to load something up (save data; parts of the world; quests)
    - This does not occur when connected to a USB sometimes
    - I have used 3 SD Cards
    - The NSPs are not corrupted because they were working PERFECTLY before.

    Finally, i do have a last resort of formatting the Nintendo Switch.
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    Are you using exFAT?