Game Consoles Wallart Building - Need Tips and Advices

IFunkymonkey Jul 1, 2017.

  1. IFunkymonkey

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    Jul 1, 2017

    Hey guys!

    I've been planing to build a costum wallart build like the one in my fav. gaming webshow for my gaming room for some time. Since I am unfortunately no genius in this area I wanted to get me a few tips and suggestions from you guys before i buy all the consoles and then get screwed over by myself. So, I'm already aware of it that it is made out off gray lacquered consoles. Also, there are red LEDs behind it. But what do you think was painted over the consoles or do you have any tips for which spray paint i should use? And should i get groundig and finish? How do you think i could do that with the console logos and writtings, just for example on the OG Xbox to recognize the logo after painting, because if I spray it, it will then no longer be visible. In addition, I would be interested in how I can attached the individual consoles together and then hang it on the wall. I guess the best (and most convenient) solution would be a normal craft glue, which then becomes invisible after drying, right?

    I hope you can help me with my project a little, of course I provide you with small updates and photos (:
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    I forgot
    I dunno if you're aware (since you said you were buying the consoles), but those are probably just shells, not actual consoles. So don't go spending a bunch of money on actual consoles to put on a wall, get just the shells. :P

    Anyways, I don't have answers to everything but I'll give you a few. For one, to save the logos, just put tape or cardboard over the logo when you're going to paint it. That should protect the logo's from being painted over, and then they'd be relatively visible with the paint. Although, if I'm gonna be honest here, I think what they did is 100% ugly. If I were going to put consoles up on my wall it'd be as is, not painted over like that, so you could actually appreciate the consoles for what they aren't, not some grey blob. Might as well paint over the Mona Lisa while they're at it.

    To put it on a wall, the best way would probably be to take super glue or double sided tape and secure it to something that you could then hang on the wall. If you're gonna use super glue, you could probably use some poster board or something to secure them to, paint the posterboard (or don't, whatever) then screw that into the wall. In the case of double sided tape you could just tape the console shells to the wall itself (as long as it's safe for wall use, and won't strip the paint when you take it off :P). They should be light enough to be supported by double sided tape, but after a while the tape might wear off a little bit and the shells could fall. But for super glue, it'd be more permanent, so if you ever wanted to rearrange them you'd likely have to get more of whatever you secure them to (cuz it'll likely ruin it when you try to remove them).
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