Game Collection DS

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    Game Collection DS

    DLDI Compatible

    Developer Tom an update to Game Collection DS. You've got no reason not to test drive this mini-games suite as it now supports DLDI and saving data to newer flashcards should pose no particular problem. Aside from tetris, all games are stylus driven

    • New DevkitPro, PALib and libfat
    • If it says "Could not initialize FAT driver", then try to patch it with a .dldi file from here
    • Farm: Protect the squares with the stylus; 6 levels
    • Background music from
    • All games can be controlled with the stylus, except Tetris. If anyone has a suggestion how to solve this, post it!
    • Default icon was replaced and description slightly changed. But I don't know how they look because my Supercard SD doesn't show them.

    [​IMG] Games Collection DS

  2. FAST6191

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    Nice, little games like this are good for short blasts during adverts and the like.
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    Jan 2, 2007
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    stylus/tetris idea- use the stylus to guide the pieces down and use any button to rotate
  4. lagman

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    Nice collection.

    Draggin the piece with the stylus to move it, clickin´on it to rotate it.
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    touch it looks interesting [​IMG] Will try out