Gakuensai no Oujisama translation

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    I've got a friend who's interested in translating the game script - she already did translate of some events for the original PS2 version and she is willing to work on the DS version as well.
    On top of that, I can do all the work related to image editing, as long as I am provided with BMP, PNG or any other kind of common image format.

    All that really is left is someone skilled as a programmer/romhacker who can manage to extract and reinsert the game script and images.
    I did a previous look at the files inside the game, but I was unable to find any meaningful string of text - maybe it has some kind of compression?

    Either way, thanks in advance!
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    I had tried to hack this game for these past few days and I already gave up. It's too difficult for a beginner so you might need an experienced hacker to help with this.

    Here's what I got so far:

    - Arm9.bin is compressed. You can decompress it with CrystalTile2.

    - You can find some names in uncompressed Arm9.bin and the conversations during the card game (Ecstasy) are also there.

    -There are project.bin and project.spp files which I guess are the sound files. (.spp is compressed and .bin has something to do with how to decompress the .spp, I guess.)

    - My main guess for the location of text & graphic is filedata.bin. But the file could be compressed. The end of Arm7.bin has some kind of code which might give a clue on how to decompress the file. (Or maybe not. You'll need a programmer to check for it.)