Gaijinworks Gauging Interest In A Summon Night 5 Retail Package

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    Oct 18, 2011
    From siliconera:

    Just like Class of Heroes 2 and Class of Heroes 2G, Gaijinworks is seeing if fans are interested in a retail version of Summon Night 5. The physical package will also include a digital code so you’ll get two copies of Summon Night 5 for a price between $39 and $44. Details about what’s inside the Summon Night 5 package have not been announced.

    At least 6,000 copies need to be sold within in around 30 days for a presale to start. The campaign has a little over 1,000 copies thus far. If you’re interested in picking up Summon Night 5 you can sign up at

    Right now they are at the 2200 copies or so, the poll is supposed to run a month, with a release date and trailer released as soon as July

    Edit: almos 2600 copies already!
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