GadgetGears INSANE prices Explanation!

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    May 4, 2008
    Allright last night i opened a support ticket questioning why they sell people Goods for reseller prices when they're not exactly reselling if their goods come from Hong Kong (AKA mainland china) which is where Bamboo and DealExtreme ship out there goods from.

    Basically what i'm saying is that Gadgetgear is like DX except they rip you off they claim they ship from Hong Kong to keep operating costs low, and their right
    it does keep operating costs down,
    so they can pocket the money that would have ordinarily gone to operating costs of being a retail reseller and supplier.

    They sent me this email in reply

    > Dear (Name removed),
    > Our customer support team personnel has replied to your support request #555713 :
    > Thanks for your email.
    > We do stock the flash cards locally. They are shipped from Sydney via Express Post, and we charge $10 for shipping. If you order today, we ship the next day and you will get your order within 2 days.>
    > Bamboogaming ships their products from China and also without the packaging, while we ship with the packaging AND locally from Sydney.
    > We have also just revised our prices, please visit our site again to see the updated prices.
    > We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, follow the link below to update this ticket:
    > (link removed)
    > Regards,
    > James
    > Customer Service

    I went and checked and the prices don't seem to have changed, i can't remember what they were before but if anything they seem more expensive.

    but the thing is note the bold and underlined text, BEFORE i sent this email their site said that they hold ALL gaming Accessories in Hong Kong and non gaming accessories in their Sydney Warehouse.
    Now it says they keep a majority of their products in Sydney

    Originally it did not, but now I'm guessing they are changing the way their doing things because i figured them out, unfortunately i did not record or retain any proof of what they claimed before, because i really do not think this is a very serious matter, and honestly didn't give that much of a damn.
    i just found it funny to take the piss out of a site that rips people off,
    but oh well if their going to make proper shipments now that take 2 days (and btw i wonder how they did that from hong kong?)
    they have changed their shipping costs to 10$ i believe this is because now orders for shipments from hong kong now use express to give the impression its being kept on mainland Australia.

    But oh well, i can't remember that much because i didn't think it's as big of a deal like a restaurant that cooks expired food, or a store that stocks contaminated poisonous meat products containing mercury or some shit, but yeah.

    I don't know what to think now, they went and made changes to their site all because of my email?

    I Kinda wished that i did take snapshots of their original shipping and conditions but meh,

    to quote Robert Ripley



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    Dec 2, 2007
    have you seen the prices from coolpc? insane pricing. $90 for an R4, $90 for a DSTT. The cyclods is cheaper than they are, going for $69. M3 real for 57 + rumble ==" the guy lives near me as well. i might pick up a cyclo from him though.
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    If you are in AU go with OzModChips.
  4. Topfragger

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    May 4, 2008

    Oh yes i remember those tossers back when i first got my DS lite i was looking for local resellers, all of them were horrid

    that was before Ozmodchips opened (but their rude anyway) and before Modsupplier started stocking Flashcarts

    Acegamestore was there but their prices were, eh but they didn't have what i wanted