GAB, a social network that promote free speech a bit too much

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    There's too much free speech goin on!
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    Them having to change registrar was a very big one for me.

    You kind of expect hosting companies to wimp out from time to time (though it reflects poorly on them in this case) but registrar, payment providers and more bailing for no justifiable (or provided) reason... yeah.

    Quite often I see the comment "if you don't like it then go make your own", and it seems they did here. However it seems they are also going to have to make their own credit card provider, registrar, hosting and more. That or we will finally have to do the distributed thing or maybe a really nice web portal to TOR or something for those that don't need full TOR protections but do need simple access.

    But anyway those saying this was too much do you have an example of a site with good rules? Obviously Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and each of their attendant properties are out so what do we have now? Or if such a thing does not exist care to share at least an overview of the sorts of rules you would expect (though I suppose it would not be a free speech forum).
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    Well stalking, harassment, kidnapping, and murder are all actions that transcend simple speech. I feel there is a big difference between saying "I'll kill you for that!" And actually intending to carry that out.
    Except for the physical violence part, it sounds fair to me. My opinion is that once you ban one form of speech, it opens the door take away more and more, until something like making fun of the president gets you arrested. Making fun if the president is something we as Americans take for granted, where it would get you killed in somewhere like North Korea. One of the major reasons free speech is important to me.
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    Well, AFAIK, "death threats" are only considered illegal if they're considered credible; ie, there has to be some evidence they intend to carry them out (or at least something similar). Otherwise, like you suggested earlier, it just tends to get an investigation by police/the FBI and that's usually enough to stop most people from continuing the practice.
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    Also proving why censorship is the pusillanimous route for many governments to take.
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    Easier to control the average citizen. Just look at how well North Korea has done it.
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    Gab was shut down, no? Some of the investors were perfectly fine with white supremacy because they themselves were white supremacists, but ultimately no site is going to want to be associated with that from the top down. Free speech doesn't need to include inciting or encouraging terrorist acts, and that shit is inevitable in areas of the net with a heavy alt-right presence. Even Reddit's The_Donald still makes a lot of posts with violent implications.
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    4chan has been doing this since 2003.
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    Get off our platform, go make your own!
    Owners of GAB makes their own platform
    NooOooOOoooo stop it!!!!