GA330 Dingux Port

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    GA330 Dingux Port

    Booboo has returned from China with some news. Gemei Tech has expressed interest in sponsoring the development of Dingux for the GA330. So far development is slow going and as of yet no sponsorship has been offered. Booboo does have some of the required technical information but his comment remains the same, which is for users to "not hold their breath."

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  2. Ziggy Zigzagoon

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    If only he could ask for outside help...
    ...emphasis on "could." There has to be a reason why he did not.
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    Since Dingux is the only reason to consider buying the GA330 it looks like most people will stick with their old dingoos for now. I don't see why Gemei doesn't scrap their os all together and make dingux their native os.
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    working on someone else's OS is kinda difficult to adapt to and may require external help and talking which would bring about communication overhead
    KISS and work on your own OS
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    By your reasoning, Team AKAIO should not even bother to make its substitute firmware, which is meant to be applied to every member of the Acekard line, instead leaving the official firmware alone! However, they did so and actually surpassed the official firmware, which is barely updated!
    If Dingux is ported to the Gemei, said system will be exponentially improved! Instead of waiting for the release of the GameBoy Colour emulator, one can run GNUBoy! Also, while the Gemei is great by itself, Dingux would improve the user experience! (Did you know the trouble in simply playing music?)

    /lawyer mood/
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    Especially since GA330 OS is inferior to Dingoo A320 OS so far (lower video compatibility, less emulators...) and Dingoo A380 is coming (with a well documented ingenic MIPS CPU, so I'm pretty sure porting dingoo apps/dingux will be much faster than with the obscure gemei A330's CC1800 ARM cpu)