G6Real, M3real GUIs and others' responsiveness

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    Jul 4, 2006

    I currently own a M3 lite and I hate the GUI. There are numerous problems such as impossibility to get directly to the game list or to hide the directories in the game list.

    However the biggest problem is the nresponsiveness while scrolling to play a game at the end of the list. It's VERY VERY slow (I think it became that slow when they added game icons a year ago).
    It's INCREDIBLE that this is still not fixed. You press the "down" arrow and you have to wait almost one second for it to have an effect.

    I know that most people are not much annoyed by this. Nowadays most cellphones are completely unresponsive as well. However this is a very important point for me.

    I'm thinking of getting an M3real when it'll be out (if there is DLDI support). Can someone (who maybe tried a G6Real) give comments on the responsiveness?

    If it's not good, what card should I get? EZFlashV seems great because it uses moonshell, however I don't like the fact that you need "savelists" in EZFlashV and I would like something springloaded. From what I read in Gbatemp's reviews, R4 and M3real's GUI is outdated.

    Any information would be appreciated

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    Cyclo had good GUI.
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    Jul 8, 2006
    I don't have much time but I'll just throw this out there; The EzFlashV does NOT use a save list as of firmware 1.6 and they are up to 1.63 I think, for bug fixes. No auto DIDL as of yet. You can edit the moonshell ini file to always start in a specific folder as well.

    As for spring loading I guess it has worked flawlessly for many people and is a nice feature but my dad always said that the more complex something is the more that can break. So I bought an R4 back when it came out and my EZV as a back up since I was upgreading from an EZ4 and figured I could sell the one I didn't like... and well, on my R4 my spring catch broke before I could get past the menu and into the game list, my EZV has served me without fail since till I got a Cyclo Evo that stopped booting after 2 weeks and while waiting for a replacement I got an R4 v2.. Once my Evo is replaced I'll probably sell my R4. I don't think I'll ever get rid of my EZV.... just in case...
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    Nov 28, 2006
    I can tell you from experience that the G6 Real GUI is hardly accurate when it comes to touch screen responsiveness/precision. Sometimes the scroll bar can be hit, other times you must press slightly to its right. I don't think they have fixed this yet (not to mention that with Moonshell 1.71 [note that their "mediaextend" software is hardly functional so the only real choice left is the raw moonshell homebrew] the screen calibration is like half a touch screen off), so I assume it will be the same for the M3R. Usually you won't notice it though (who uses touch screen to navigate the file browser anyway?)
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    M3 lite huh?
    You can hide directories by setting the directory property to Hidden in Windows.
    You can scroll by pages by pressing left/right.

    I believe that addresses your current complaints with the M3 Perfect series GUI.