G6Flash Lite 4G?

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    Aug 10, 2003
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    I am considering buying a G6Flash Lite 4G & Passcard 3 Bundle ...is this all I need for backing up my NDS games? is this a good choice? also, could you please tell me of some serious (and fast!) store? thanks!
  2. saulin

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    May 20, 2003
    Yes that's all you need to run backups.

    I just got this combo and it works awesome. Read the review on this site. The speed is not bad at all. This is my first NDS Flash cart but it seems fast enough even when writting 512mbit roms. I did not see loadiong times when playing some games.

    All the GBA and DS games that I loaded work great with saves and everything. At first I was getting just white screens but I think it's because I needed to flash the cart. Also I didn't write the games with the G6 U-DISK Manager. Instead I just dragged and dropped the files within windows.

    I have about 20 games loaded. Both GBA, DS and also 10 Nintendo roms using PocketNES. I'm very happy with this buy so far. The 4G does hold a lot of games actually.
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    I ordered from hopebuy and was satisfied with the service I got there. There is a list of venders on the front page and a little searching will get you a complete list. As for the 4g I currently have around 11 ds games 15 gba games and 22 gb/gbc games (hurray goomba) and I still have room for around 1 more game.
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