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    G6DS Real Guide & FAQ


    Because there is no FAQ for G6DS Real i decided to write one to answer the Frequently Asked Questions and also a quick starting up guide and the general use of G6DS Real.


    Initial Connection & Starting up


    Throw the Mini-CD away and go here

    Download the loader (make sure you choose the correct language) and also if you want you can download the pdaDS aswell the moonshell 1.71 for G6DS Real. You can also download the DLDI driver because it might solve some issues the DLDI auto-patcher has. More on that later.

    Note: The MediaPlayExtend aka the modified moonshell for the G6/M3 products is included inside the loader now (system) so you don't need to download it seperately.

    After you download all the files and make sure to extract them first with your favorite archive app, insert the G6DS Real into the G6 card reader and THEN insert the G6 Card reader TOGETHER with the G6DS Real into a free USB port of your PC (you can use the included USB Extension cable if you want). For safety of your data you must always use this method.

    Windows and probably all other operating systems will automatically recognize the G6DS Real as a USB Mass Storage Device so you don't need any third-party drivers (none that they exist lol)

    After your O.S. recognize the G6DS Real open it* and first create a folder "NDS" (without the quotes) in the root of G6DS Real, here as you might guess all your NDS Roms will go. This is important don't skip this step because in order to take advantage of the softreset options/cheats etc. you must place all your NDS Roms inside the NDS directory.

    *Probably the G6DS Real will be pre-formatted in FAT16, if Windows ask that the card isn't formatted and if you want to format it, i recommend to do it with your DS and not with your PC. Look in the FAQ for more info.

    Now throw some NDS Roms in there, you don't need to do any patching of course just copy-paste them. The save files will automatically created from G6DS Real, you don't need to worry about that either.

    Then copy-paste the system folder (aka the loader) in the root of your G6DS Real. If you want it you can also copy-paste the pdaDS aswell the moonshell 1.71 for G6DS Real you download earlier. (these files also go to the root)

    We are almost ready if you want throw some mp3's inside or any other files you have like dpg videos, images etc.

    Now disconnect your G6DS Real from your PC but follow these instructions. (These instructions is for Windows but i guess all other popular alternative O.S. have similar functionalities)

    1)Select Safely Remove Hardware (is in your taskbar near the clock)

    2)Then stop the USB Mass Storage Device (aka the G6DS Real)

    3)After Windows say that is safe now to remove the card, make sure first that the cool blue light of G6 Card reader is off and then unplug it from your USB port TOGETHER with your G6DS Real. You must always follow this process for the safety of your data.


    The TouchPod Menu & General Use of G6DS Real


    Ok after you finish with all the above insert your G6DS Real into your DS/DS Lite.

    Let's take a quick look in the TouchPod Menu and the functionalities it has.

    In the first screen you can see all your NDS Roms you copied earlier. You can use both the touchscreen and the buttons to navigate. Pressing start will bring a menu which has these options.

    NDS Games- This is of course the place you can boot nds roms.

    My Card- This one is for navigate your card and launch homebrew.

    pdaDS- This one is for launching the pdaDS (duh!)

    MediaPlayExtend- Here you can boot the built-in modified version of moonshell.

    Boot- Here you can use your G6DS Real as a passme device. Selecting the first option (NDS) will boot your slot-2 flashcart in NDS mode and selecting the second option (GBA) will boot it in GBA Mode. Simple as that. Also 2 handy boot shortcuts: You can press and hold B while booting the G6DS Real with a slot-2 flashcart and it automatically boots the slot-2 flashcart to NDS Mode. If you press and hold Select it automatically boots the slot-2 flashcart in GBA Mode.

    Setting- The only options here are Booticon and skin. The second one is obvious (more on skins later) as for the first one what it does is that, if you set it to Yes when you start your DS you must manually select the G6 DS Real in the normal NDS menu in order to boot it (just like an original NDS Game), if you set it to No the G6 DS Real boots automatically. The cool thing with that is even if you don't have flashme installed the health & safety screen disappears automatically, you don't have to press a button or touch the screen. Don't get it me wrong here, i didn't say that you don't see the screen at all but at least disappears automatically. If you want to completely remove the health & safety screen the only solution is flashme.

    If you have DSLite you can adjust the brightness inside the touchpod menu with X and Y buttons. You can also press the icon in the left bottom corner of the touchpod menu.

    You can also see the version of the loader you currently use by pressing left on the main screen of the TouchPod Menu and selecting About.

    Ok enough with this, let's try launch a game shall we?

    Press start select NDS Game and you can see all your NDS Roms. Select a game and press A. A second menu appears which have these nice options.

    Select file- The purpose of this is to load cheat files. Simply select it and browse through your card to find the desired cheat file. For the best way to easily create cheat files read the FAQ below.

    Cheat Switch- Really obvious. If set it to Off you disable the cheats, if set it to On you enable the cheats.

    Softreset Key- Here you can select a key combination so you can softreset while playing a game and go immediately into the TouchPod Menu without have to turn off/turn on your DS. Really handy.

    Slowmotion Switch- Almost useless right now. What it does is to slowdown a game so you can hypothetically easy pass fast-paced games. I found that a lot of games have problems with this one and even the ones that don't (e.g. Ouendan 2) are actually more difficult when the slowmotion is enabled. My suggestion is don't bother with this one and set it always to off. (At least for now)

    Slowmotion Level- Here you set the speed of the slowmotion. As i said the slowmotion feature is useless right now so don't bother.

    Start- Do i need to say more?

    Just a final note about the cheats. To bring the cheat menu press right in the screen you are now and you can select the cheats you want to enable or disable(assuming of course you already selected the correct cheat file). After you done with this press left to return to the previous menu and before pressing start in order to boot the game make sure you turn On the Cheat Switch.

    Ok now i will explain how to launch homebrew and then we done with the touchpod menu and the general use of G6DS Real.

    Note: To know how to proper install homebrew programs into the G6DS Real read the FAQ below.

    Press start and select My Card. Browse through your card and find the homebrew you want (e.g. DSOrganize.nds) and press A. In the next screen you have these 2 options Slot-1 and Slot-2. The first option is the one we will usually use in order to launch homebrew.

    After you select it you will get a loading screen and if the homebrew you want to run is compatible with the DLDI it will automatically boot. In my knowledge G6DS Real cannot boot non-DLDI compatible homebrew. Also note the the G6DS Real has a DLDI Auto-Patcher and that means that you don't need to patch your homebrew in order to make them to work. However you can always manually patch them if you found that the Auto-Patcher doesn't work correctly. (look in the FAQ for more info on this.)

    And in case you wondering what the second option does (slot-2) i will give you a quick explanation.

    If you have an old M3 Slot-2 (in my case the M3 SD Slim) you can use the M3 DLDI driver to boot homebrew programs with the G6DS Real! I guess this explains why the M3 DLDI driver is included inside the latest G6DS Real loader. I don't know if this works with other slot-2 flashcarts though because i can't test it.

    Ok that's it about the initial connection, the touchpod menu and the general use of G6DS Real. Let's move on to the FAQ.




    Q: How much storage capacity the G6DS Real have?

    A: The 8Gb version is 1GB and the 16Gb version is 2GB. (If you like the Gigabyte measurement and not the Gigabit like me.)

    Q: Which one is better for G6DS Real FAT16 or FAT32?

    A: My suggestion is to format your card using your DS (look in the FAQ) Unlike external memory which you can get better performance/results by trying different clusters/format methods the internal memory of G6DS Real works perfectly by just formatting it with your DS. You don't need to worry about that.

    Q: Is it compatible with all DS/DS Lites regardless of the region, color etc?

    A: As far as i know yes. Just like all other modern slot-1 flashcarts. Unless Ninty decides to block the current slot-1 flashcarts in new DS Lite models. Hopefully not.

    Q: Do i need to buy anything seperately in order to use the G6DS Real with my DS/DS Lite?

    A: No, the G6DS Real is an all-in-one solution and you don't need to buy anything else in order to use it.

    Q: Can you use GBA Roms with this?

    A: Of course not, just like all other slot-1 flashcarts. Unless you have a slot-2 flashcart so you can use the G6DS Real as a passme device or if you own the EZ-Flash 3 In 1 Expansion.

    Q: Is G6DS Real compatible with EZ-Flash 3 In 1 Expansion?

    A: I didn't test it but in this thread Mr.GirAiD says that all 3 functionalities of EZ Flash 3-In-1 are working fine. (need some confirmation/more info here, post a reply if you have some more info on that so i can edit the faq)

    Q: Is it compatible with Opera DS?

    A: If you have a compatible slot-2 flashcart and the patched rom it works just fine. For more info on this look at this thread

    Q: Is it compatible with Sleep Mode?

    A: Yes sleep mode works perfectly.

    Q: Do you need flashme or any kind of passme device to use the G6DS Real?

    A: Absolutely not. All current modern slot-1 flashcarts doesn't require these things anymore. However the flashme is compatible and works fine with G6DS Real if you want to use it for -insert reason(s) here-

    Q: Is it compatible with all NDS Roms?

    A: As far as i know yes. All games i tested worked just fine. In general all modern slot-1 flashcarts have near perfect NDS Compatibility. And even if a game doesn't work right now probably the G6 Team will fix it in next loader updates.

    Q: What about any lag/slowdowns/glitches in NDS Games?

    A: This is probably the biggest advantage of G6DS Real. All the NDS Games (at least the ones i test it) are working perfectly without any lag or issues. For example you will not experience any freezes in Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin or any slowdowns in Downhill Jam. If you experience any kind of slowdowns probably they exist in the original game aswell.

    Q: Does G6DS Real save on-the-fly or requires a reboot to finish the writing the save?

    A: It requires a reboot. That's not a big issue because first you can easily return to the menu with softreset and as far i know the capacitor the G6DS Real uses in order to temporarely store the saves it's rechargeable. It automatically charges when your DS is on.

    And also just to clarify this one for the newbies. You don't need any time you save your game to return to the G6DS Real menu. You can advance through the game as long as you want and save any times you want. It's just after you finish your gaming session you must do a softreset (or turn off/turn on your DS if softreset doesn't work) and wait a second (it's indeed a second maybe less. p: You must wait 3-4 seconds only if the save file isn't in your card already. In other words only the first time you save your game you must wait longer) so the G6DS Real can write the save from the capacitor to the card.

    Q: How much is the battery life?

    A: All modern slot-1 flashcarts have low power consumption. They drain a little more power in comparison with the original NDS cartridges and the G6DS Real is no exception.

    Q: Can i use the G6DS Real with the Wi-fi connection?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Can i use the G6DS Real for Multi-Card Multiplay?

    A: Yes.

    Q: How good is the download play support of G6DS Real?

    A: Above average but not perfect. Probably the G6 Team will improve this part on next loader updates.

    Q: How i can use cheats with G6DS Real?

    A: I suggest you look first at this thread.

    But you don't need to convert the .xml files. You only have to use the Action Replay DS Code Manager to create the .xml files and then put them into the G6DS Real. So that way you can easily have all the cheat codes for all the DS Games regardless of the region into 3 .xml files (one of EU Games, one for US Games and one for JAP games) I suggest you look also above to see how you can enable cheats inside the touchpod menu.

    Q: Is the touchpod menu skinable? Where i can find skins?

    A: The touchpod menu is skinable but unfortunately the G6DS Real needs more skinners.

    However i suggest you try the cool skin of ProjectVirtue

    and also look at this thread here

    Q: How can i use skins?

    A: Simply copy them inside the system folder. Then rename the folder which contain the skin to skin2, skin3, skin 4 etc. Then you can select the skin you want with the touchpod menu (look above for more info)

    Q: Can i convert my old saves from -insert flashcart here- to G6DS Real format?

    A: Yes you can use the excellent online save converter created by Shuny (i hope he doesn't steal our saves lol)

    Q: Does the normal Moonshell 1.71 works with G6DS Real and if yes how?

    A: First make sure you download the Moonshell 1.71 for G6DS Real

    Simply copy-paste the moonshl folder and the MoonShell_g6ds.nds file to the root of G6DS Real. To short your answer it works but it has 2 bugs and also the soft-reset option doesn't work.

    The fist bug is that the language is Japanese but you can easily change it to English that way.

    -Open the moonshl folder and find these 2 files lang0.ini and lang1.ini delete the lang0.ini file and then rename the lang1.ini to lang0.ini and you are ready that's all. (Credits to Drackel for this tip)

    The second and most crucial and annoying bug is that the touch screen controls are totally uncalibrated and messed up. Unfortunately i didn't find a solution for this one and i hope the G6 Team solves this problem quickly.

    Despite those things the moonshell itself works perfectly and you can enjoy mp3's, dpg videos and all the other stuff this amazing app can do. Props to Infantile Paralysiser for creating this excellent program. Domo arigato gozaimasu!

    If you find the touch screen controls really annoying and/or want to reboot immediately to the touchpod menu without the need to turn off/turn on your DS you can always use the built-in modified moonshell. Keep in mind however that the built-in moonshell is based on the 1.6 version of moonshell so you can't use high fps in your dpg videos. One of the biggest advantages of 1.71 version is it can handle higher fps in dpg videos than older versions of moonshell.

    Q: I heard that the touchpod menu although is touchable the touch controls are not perfectly calibrated.

    A: Yes indeed that is correct. But it seems after the 2.2 update the G6 Team improved this a little, but honestly it's no big deal, after a while you will get used to it and you can always use the face buttons if that thing really annoying you.

    Q: Is G6DS Real compatible with all O.S.?

    A: As far i know yes. Because your O.S. recognizes the G6DS Real automatically as an USB Mass Storage Device and that's why you don't need any third-party drivers.

    Q: My PC can't recognize my G6DS Real!

    A: Make sure first that you properly connect the G6DS Real in your PC (read the initial connection & starting up above) If that doesn't help try to push harder the G6DS Real into the card reader. Basically experiment a little. Also try to format the G6DS Real from your DS (if you format your card of course you will lose all your data, look below to find out how you can format your card) and try again. If the problem insist maybe your G6DS Real and/or the G6 Card reader is defective and your best option is to ask a refund or a replacement from the online shop you buy it.

    Q: My G6DS Real corrupted!

    A: Sometimes indeed the G6DS Real transforms to G666DS Real. You can format your card by holding START while booting and although you will lose all your data it will return your card as good as new. My suggestion is to always have a backup in your PC in case anything goes wrong.

    Q: Is it compatible with trimmed roms? Which trimmed app is the best?

    A: I don't use trimmed roms but i can assure you that it works just fine. As for the best trimming tool i don't really know because as i said i don't trim my roms but i heard good things for NDSTokyoTrim (And apps that featuring anime girls are always cool [​IMG] )

    Q: Is there any way to organize the order my files are displayed in G6DS Real?

    A: You can order your files by Name (ascending & descending) or by Size (ascending & descending) inside the TouchPod Menu by touching the Name & Size Options. Unfortunately if you shut down your DS the G6DS Real doesn't save the last setting you choose and reverts to the default state. Hopefully they fix this simple thing in next loader updates, in the mean time you can use the handy FATSort to order your files in different ways.

    Q: Does softreset/cheats options works on all NDS Games?

    A: No, i found a few games that the softreset and/or cheat options doesn't work.


    Metroid Prime Hunters


    And perhaps 5-6 more games that i don't remember right now. But for the most part you are fine. I guess about 90% of all NDS Games (perhaps even more) work just fine with these options enabled. Also the G6 Team can always fix these things in next loader updates.

    Q: Can cheats produce lag and/or have any negative effects in my games?

    A: Cheats in general can have some crazy negative effects some times regardless the console or the cheat device, especially the advanced ones. However i tested lots of cheats enabled at the same time in lot of games and i didn't notice any lag/glitch. In general the G6DS Real has a great Action Replay DS Compatible Cheat Engine.

    Q: How i can correctly use homebrew with G6DS Real?

    A: The DLDI Auto-Patcher of G6DS Real aswell the DLDI driver itself are far from perfect. First make sure that the homebrew you want to run is DLDI Compatible. If it isn't DLDI compatible i doubt that it will work. Secondly you must always put your homebrew at the root of your card otherwise they don't work and can even corrupt your data. As for compatibility for the most part the DLDI Compatible homebrew programs and emulators are working fine with the G6DS Real. I personally tested

    -DSOganize works fine

    -nesDS works fine

    -snesDS works fine

    -DSFTP works fine

    And some others i can't remember right now. If your homebrew you try to run is DLDI compatible and it still doesn't work after you make sure that you putted in the root of G6DS Real as i mention above you can try to manually patch it and you might have more luck that way.

    First download the G6DS Real DLDI driver

    And then look at this thread for instructions

    Q: How much it costs and where i can buy the G6DS Real?

    A: The price of course is different from one online shop to another. However the average price for the 1GB is 60-65 $ and for the 2GB is 75-80 $. Yes indeed the 2GB is cheaper if we keep in mind the double storage capacity. As for where to buy it don't ask me about it, i am not experienced with online shops however for starters you can have look for a list of the official resellers here and also you can browse the forums a little and read people opinions and impressions they had with various online shops.

    Guide/FAQ Written By Haruspex. Created at 1 August 2007. Last Updated 4 August 2007.

    Please excuse any grammar errors/bad English in some parts of the guide.

    Any recommendations and/or you want to add more info/correct me in something, just post a reply.
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    United States
    Very helpful, as I am planning to buy a G6 Real. I do have a few questions, however, as I'm rather stupid when it comes to things such as this.

    What exactly is the root directory? Is that simply where you're putting all the files when you drag and drop them into the G6?

    You said to make a folder named NDS for roms, but what about mp3's or videos? Can you make seperate folders for them, or must they also be placed in the root? I ask because I'm not certain how mp3's or videos work exactly. Can you queue songs up and play a list? Or must it always be just a single song? Would be kind of dissapointing if you could only play one at a time. Does it give you replay options, shuffle, etc?

    Concerning saving nds games, must you always soft reset so it saves? That seems kind of annoying as well, especially if you just happen to forget about it and lose over an hour or so of playing.

    If you put in an NES or SNES homebrew emu in there where it would go, could you make a file for NES or SNES games or must you also just put them all in the root? If a game for the NES or SNES has save functions, will it automaticly save or must you do a soft reset as it seems you must with NDS games?

    And finally as far as skins go, can you place any image you want for each background screen? Or must there have been a skin made? I've heard that was customizable.

    Sorry for the many questions. [​IMG]
  3. Haruspex

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    Apr 12, 2006
    I will give an example. The program files folder in your hard drive of your PC is in the root directory. So to put the NDS folder into the root directory of G6DS Real you simply open the G6DS Real and create the folder here without creating other folders.

    In other words this is correct


    And this is wrong

    X:\Whatever folder\NDS

    Yes you can place your mp3's, videos, images etc. anywhere you want on the card and name the folders and/or the subfolders anything you prefer.

    Moonshell has shuffle options, loop options all the kind of stuff.

    You will only want to do a soft-reset when you want to end your gaming session. You can advance through the game and save anytimes you want and play as many hours as you want. If you happen to forgot to do a soft-reset and you turned off your DS don't worry, the built-in battery/capacitor will keep the save for a long time and also this battery/capacitor is rechargeable. Honestly you don't need to worry about your saves.

    As far i know you place the nesds.nds (for example) in the root of G6DS Real and can you put the nes roms anywhere you like. I didn't try emulators a lot but as far as i know it saves on the fly and it doesn't requires a reboot (at least the nesDS).

    And i must mention for one more time that the G6DS Real saves completely automatically and you only want to do a softreset when you want to end your gaming session and not anytime the game you playing saves.

    I don't know much about how to create skins for G6DS Real, but the skins are pure .bmp & .png images so i guess it's quite easy to create a skin although i didn't try it.

    No probs!
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    Great guide [​IMG]
    I'll be using this once I get my new 16Gb G6DSR (currently delayed by a week [​IMG])
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    United States
    Perfect for amateurs like me! Good guide you did much work!
  6. jerbob92

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    Jul 27, 2007
    this can placed in the wiki if you allow it ?[​IMG]
  7. 4saken

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    Nov 28, 2006
    Of course he will. Guides are meant to be distributed. Just put credits at the bottom
  8. Haruspex

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    Apr 12, 2006
    You heard the man. [​IMG]
  9. squall3031

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    Jun 17, 2006
    I just got my G6 DS real and I want to know how to Soft reset.
    Please tell me >
  10. 4saken

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    Nov 28, 2006
    You can choose the shortcuts for soft reset after you select a game. Some games don't work though (but most should).

    Update to the newest firmware if you haven't
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    Greate guide! I just get a g6ds 16Gb from digimartz.com,this guide is helpful for me.
  12. shadowjokerx

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    Aug 16, 2007
    United States
    the guide is very helpful but i cant get xml files to work i use the ar code editor but when i make a set of codes ex (pokemon diamond) they wont work after i have saved them when i try to reopen them they say there bad files. if u could explain it would really help
  13. Haruspex

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    Apr 12, 2006