G6DS & M3DS Real loader v2.7d released

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    G6DS & M3DS Real loader v2.7d released
    The team have been busy
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    Last update of the day? The M3 and G6 Team have released loader version 2.7d for their newest slot-1 carts; the M3DS and G6DS Real. This new loader fixes some general OS problems and adds soft-reset support to some games. Download and change log below.

    [title:G6/M3 DS Real v2.7d]M3 / G6 DS Real x10 v2.7d (7th-12-2007):

    Translated English:
    Improvement projects:
    1. Game configuration files stored in each change to the game of the folder and avoid updating system led to the loss of configuration parameters;
    2. Game set Contents choose option available to support the root directory games (not recommended, document management confusion inconvenient)
    3. Resolve to withdraw from the game after soft reset, the use BOOT guide function to enter SLOT-2 NDS model or GBA mode??issues;
    4. Solve some of DS games can not use the soft reset;
    5. Automatic Chinese name literally means that the control support to the 1770, DS games ROM.

    [​IMG] Download G6DS Real loader v2.7d
    [​IMG] Download M3DS Real loader v2.7d
    [​IMG] Source

    Thanks to Destructobot for keeping us informed.
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    Man...the G6/M3 are on a freaking marathon.

    It's like Hanukkah care early