G6 Real Issues

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    Well my friend let me borrow he G6 Since hes not very tech smart and i updated it and added a few games and homebrew. Then i trimmed each of the ds games (which took forever thanks to a stupid beta trimmer that the g6 team has). Well i fired it up and everything worked just fine except for one thing (thats a lie there were 2 but i found out warcraft tower defense isnt compatible) When i loaded the NDS Folder and Scrolled down to the bottom...It froze. Now my friends mad and he wants me to figure it out. Can you guys help me out? I think it has something to do with the amount of games i have but idk.

    Edit : Ive reformatted and put everything back. Same Problem This only happens when i scroll to the bottom of the NDS List.

    Edit : Problem Solved Apparently I Double Trimmed Something (Once with R4 Trimmer and Once with G6 Trimmer) and i guess it got effed up.