G6 Lite - how use save files?

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  1. Gamergrrrl

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Does anyone know how to copy and then use .sav files from computer to G6?

    I think I figured out how to copy it there through the Disk Manager Software:
    Click on game name
    Right Click on one of the sav files that appear in left lower window
    Select Write
    Select the sav file to write over the sav file selected above

    But when I start the game it only allows me to create a new game.
    I figured out how to copy the save files to different positions on the cart and how to copy the default to another file. The final option is to copy the SRAM version to the default. It feels like the option is missing to copy a file to the SRAM.

    Anyone know how I can get my save file loaded? I tried to put it into the default slot and still no joy.

  2. Sweater Fish Del

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    Jul 8, 2006
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    When I've wanted to do this, I just rename the save file with .0 extension and copy it directly to the GBA (or NDS) directory on my G6 Lite using Explorer.

    That's always worked for me, though it's possible that it wouldn't work in some games, I don't know.

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