G6 Lite Freezing, Media-extend, 4.6a manager, mp3

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  1. Magitekwarrior

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    May 25, 2006
    Hi all,

    [​IMG]S Games Freezing

    I got my g6lite 2 days ago. I had d/led 4.3a manager in advance [excuse da pun [​IMG] ].
    All roms that i tried [range frm castlevania - fifa07, new bros, etc.] all workd with dofat and softreset. Now I understand that not all games are compatible with these options. The second day, I realised I was low on DS games, so i del'd 2 crappy 1's then ul'd new 1's [metroid prime hunters, smb 64 ds, jump ss, etc.]. Updated firmware to 4.6a.
    Also upl'd gba games, then saw that doom ii not working. So I inserted cart in usb agen. Del'd doom ii, then tried nes ds [which i u'ld as a nds rom - didnt work - so i d/l'ed it. Then i added Advanced wars DS. Then I proceeded 2 demonstrate games to frends. While everything worked on 1st day, nex day, playin castlevania - went to 1st boss room - game froze. Restarted DS. Chose mario. It worked. Then switched 2 Fifa 07 [note i used soft reset to navigate everytime]. Fifa fails to load. Restart DS. Played 4 a while metroid and others.
    Later, I played ADv wars DS. Played.. then FROZE..

    Whats with the freezing? Is there a site with a compatibility list? Or should we create one for user reference so we avoid game issue posts? Which options work etc. Like Supercard and m3 compat lists.

    :Media Extend & mp3
    How the hell do you use it? [​IMG] . Sure u copy the directory in..etc, etc.. Now What?
    Where is the software located. In DS side there's nothing. Pls dont tell me that the stupoid media part in gba is it? with the movie, music, books options.. None of the dpgs i created with prog, BatchDPG work at all. I tried crystal sumthing... no work either. Is there any guides on video files for DS g6?
    The music side was worse. Quality is completely aweful - not expecting surround sound dvd quality but cmon, my gba sp + ezf adv III 256mb music played better. Wut happind 2 "it can play mp3's"? How dyu convert mp3s 4 ds carts? Can any1 direct me to where guides for these things are? I also wanna know how exactly u must use that NESDS - the batch file to convert 2 nds dont work - i mean dos window opens.. then nothing. So i did it manually.

    :4.6a manager
    Is there any post that contains 4.6a's issues or bugs listted? If the software is stable why does it hav an "A" in the name? Also, how does one go about downgrading back to 4.3.

    All the guides that I seen for g6 lite are shocking except 4 the one on this site, but there arent enuff faqs on that thing.
  2. ugly_rose

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    Apr 7, 2006
    I don't know why you've gotten so many problems with 4.6a, it's the best version so far if you ask me. I have not had a single problem with any game.

    MediaExtend is accessed through pressing start on the G6 menu (where the NDS games are showed) and a new menu will pop-up in the top right corner with MediaExtend at the bottom. You can put the media files anywhere on the loader but I suggest the root folder for convenience.

    Anyway, when you open media extend you can select the media you want to play, be it music, movie, picture or e-book. Also, in BatchDPG, select a higher bitrate for video and audio and the videos will look even better.
  3. Moneo

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    Aug 9, 2006
    DoFAT caused a lot of white screens for me with certain games (phoenix wright, ouendan, animal crossing). Advance Wars worked perfectly, though... but it still seems a good idea to try using safe mode. And yes, a list of games that aren't compatible with DoFAT/soft reset would really be nice.

    Some of the whitescreens I got were related, I believe, to the passcard not sitting well in the slot or the contacts on the passcard becoming oxidized. Cleaning the contacts helped rid of those.

    To use mediaplayer extend with the latest loader loader you need to upgrade it to the latest version. Get it from http://www.handheldsources.com/Download.html , then replace the MediaPlayExtend folder on the cart with the one contained in the archive.

    Finally, regarding the audio quality... it sucks, and I think that it's related to the ds itself rather than the software since games also suffer from it.
  4. Magitekwarrior

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    May 25, 2006
    lol. Thanks 4 replies ppl. [​IMG]

    On the passcard 3 thing: I take mine out once the menu loads.
    Its on this forum sumwhere, they sed to remove it. And the DS works fine once menu loads. - this is done to ensure passcard dont suck battery dry. So Any other explaination for white screens?

    So far, I dont mind the freezing.. but, not when i've just beat a particularly difficult section [megaman ZX] and then got screwed with the brain-freeze. [​IMG]
  5. kopakauk

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    Oct 12, 2006
    See i've had the same problems as you sorta, my games just keep freezing with the new 4.6a updated firm, like if I was to play Megaman ZX it would randomly say i've taken out my game card? its a bit crazy :/ hope I dont have to get a new g6 card

    Edit: forgot to mention after a few tries I normally get games to work for ages, still its bugging me with the crashes and all