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    Dec 22, 2002

    G6-Lite announced!

    Exactly the same style casing as DS Lite filler cartridge

    Hot on the tails of the EZ4-Lite announcement comes gbalpha's answer (makers of G6/M3). The G6-Lite is exactly the same size and style as the GBA filler cartridge for the DS Lite, so it'll blend seamlessly into the DS Lite's sleek look. It seems to trump the design of the EZ4-Lite shown thus far.

    The G6-Lite does not take SD media much like the original G6 cartridge. It will be self contained with it's own storage memory up to 4Gbit (512MB) in size. It will be available in a 'Full' version capable of playing DS & GBA roms or cheaper version only capable of playing DS roms.

    Prices have been announced at 498 Yuan ($US62) for the full version (4Gbit) and 318 Yuans ($US39) for the DS only version (4Gbit). These prices sound incredibly low for a self contained unit like the G6 so take it with a grain of salt. I'm still waiting for a second confirmation of the prices directly from the creators themselves.


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