G6 Guide on Patching Bleep Trainers

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  1. Golds

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    Dec 2, 2004
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    The G6 users can use Bleep's trainers to patch games.

    For example:

    Etrian Odyssey

    Get the file

    Pick which trainers you want to use

    get ipswin or a program like it

    **** Before you load the game on your G6 go ahead and patch the game with whatever trainer you wish****

    I picked max skill points and max cash.

    then write the game with "Normal" in the G6 game menu.

    there you go, it should work for you.

    (sell/buy something to get max cash)
    (should have 992 skill points on every character)

    any other way of writing it will crash the game

    It seems that DoFat (without force) and Normal are the only 2 setting which allows these trainers to work
    if a game needs a different patch then that, you are SOL.
  2. MitchStar

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    Jun 1, 2007
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    im VERY new to the world of patching stuff and using trainers with my g6 lite. when i did this and tried to load the save file, the g6 program said "file must be 2M Bit !" or something like that. How do i fix this?