G6 Flash Touchpod Black Screen Freeze

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    I'm new here, so first let me say hey. [​IMG] I know the title of this thread is a bit odd, but it's filled with words a search engine might pick up on for people who are looking desperately for answers to this issue (as I was).

    About a week ago I read a few articles about the 4G G6 Flash Cart (Lite) and decided to give it a try. I was really excited about being able to back up my games and such and have them all with me at once. After a few days of anticipation, my G6 arrived. I read the readme files regarding the loader and u-disk manager, installed everything, updated the loader, and wrote some games to the cart. After about an hour of play, I turned the DSL off during gameplay (Mario 64 DS, I believe) and put the cart back on my PC to transfer something else. I'm not sure if the error occured when I turned the game off during play or when I accidentally removed the G6 U-Disk from my PC without doing the "Safely Remove" step (as most people say, don't EVER do that), but it screwed up nonetheless. I tried to turn on the DSL, but it wouldn't go past the black "Touchpod for G6 Flash" screen. I panicked and immediately started browsing the G6 site for answers.

    I reformatted and reformatted time and time again (using FAT, FAT32, and the Maintenance utility in different combinations) only to realize that none of them (not even the instructed FAT then Maintenance utility) were going to work. I could write files to and from the cart, but the DS just wouldn't load the software. I tried booting from GBA mode (just the G6 cart in, no Passcard) to see if the Passcard had somehow gone bad. It would get past the green letter screen ("This product is not endorsed by Nintendo...", whatever it says exactly) and would immediately go blank. I kept searching and searching for a way to try and fix it, but nobody seemed to have an answer.

    I saw a post (on this forum, I believe) that said pressing A + B + select + start while on the green letter disclaimer screen would bring up a menu to reload the system. I chose yes, and the system froze (it also brought up a green '2' above the yes button). Just when all hope seemed lost, I plugged the cart back into my PC to see if Windows had any repair utilities for removable drives. PAYDIRT.

    I went into My Computer, right clicked the G6 U-Disk icon (Removable Drive E: for me), and clicked Properties. Under the 'Tools' tab, there is an "Error Checking" section. I clicked "Check Now", and another window came up. It had two checkboxes: "Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors". I checked both of them and clicked 'Start'. It finished up, and I reformatted the G6 U-Disk one last time (FAT, then Maintenance utility). I placed the two loader update files into the root directory, wrote a GBA rom and a DS rom to the cart, and booted in GBA mode once more. It got to the green letter screen, and I pressed A + B + select + start. "Do you want to reload the system?" I clicked yes, and it worked. I got so excited that I don't remember the screen caption, but it went 1 - 30 of something and restored the system. It works perfectly now.

    In my search, I noticed a bunch of people seemed to be having issues similar to this, so I figured I'd pass on the good news and maybe give some of you G6 owners with the problem another method to fix the cart. There aren't many answers to this problem, but hopefully this will help someone other than me. Once again (just for reference), the fix went like this:

    -Click 'My Computer'
    -Right click G6 U-Disk (whichever drive it comes up as)
    -Click Properties
    -Click 'Tools' tab
    -Click 'Check Now' under 'Error Checking' section
    -Check both boxes ("Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors")
    -Click Start
    -When the program finishes, reformat using Windows first (FAT) and then the Maintenance utility
    -When the maintenance utility finishes, add the two loader update files (g6loader.sys and g6verify.sys) to the root directory
    -Plug the G6 Cart into the GBA slot of the DS
    -Start the GBA game
    -When the green letter disclaimer shows up, press A + B + select + start
    -Select "Yes" and wait for it to finish

    Hopefully that's all. As I said before, I hope this helps someone other than me. I was close to sending the cart back, and I'm really, really glad I didn't.