G6 DS Manual/Readme revealed!

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    I was looking around handheld sources and i have found that they have the software for G6DS and the manual.

    This is the manual i found: Simple operation of G6DS:
    1)Connect the G6DS to the PC
    I. Insert "G6DS" into the "G6 USB2.0 adapter".
    II. Put "G6 USB2.0 adapter" with "G6DS" into the USB port of PC. (Extension cable can be added if it is necessary.)

    2) Put whole of the "system" directory corresponding to the language version of your G6DS card into the root directory of G6DS. There are 3 language versions: English,Chinese,Japanese. The system files can be downloaded at our site or users may get it from the installation CD. We suggest to create a "NDS" directory for storing the user files(or game files) but it can be placed in any location within the G6DS.

    3) The G6DS will automatically run without pressing any key after inserting G6DS into the slot 1 socket of the NDS console. (It will be entered into the G6DS main menu if the "system" files exist in the G6DS card. Otherwise, users may press the "A" button to run the mini-loader program if the "system" files do not exist in the G6DS card.)

    4) In addition, users may select to use the following functions;
    a. Booting up "Slot 2-flashcard" and bring it into NDS mode (Slot 2-NDS mode): Press the "B" button while booting up the NDS.
    b. Booting up "Slot 2-flashcard" and bring it into GBA mode (Slot 2-GBA mode): Press "Select" button while booting up the NDS.
    c. Run "G6DS format utility": Press the "Start" button while booting up the NDS.

    Make G6DS as your Application Card:
    For example, if the application or game (Demo.nds) is placed in the root directory.
    Just edit the file system\"BOOT.INI" and modify the line as follows:
    The application or game will boot up directly without the need of selecting the application/game form the G6DS main menu.
    If users want to enter into the main menu after modifying the file, just press the "A" button while booting up the NDS, the G6DS main menu will appear again.

    Cheat Code function:
    Please visit http://www.handheldsources.com/G6DS/Download.html for more information.

    Download Play:
    G6DS should perfectly support all Download Play Game (Included Single-Card/Multi-Card). However, please make sure that the "Cheat Code function" and "Reset" function is suspended.

    Importance notes to prevent data loss:
    1. Please insert "G6DS" card into "G6 USB2.0 adapter" before connecting "G6 USB2.0 Adapter" to the PC.

    2. Please remove the "G6DS" card together with the "G6 USB2.0 adapter" from the PC.

    3. Do not disconnect "G6DS" from the socket of the adapter or "G6 USB2.0 Adapter" from the PC while the LED of the USB2.0 adapter lights up.

    Suggestion: The most safest way to disconnect "Removable Device" from the PC:
    I. Left click "Safely remove USB mass storage device drive" icon at the bottom-left corner of the PC desktop.
    II. Select the option (turn blue), left click it to confirm the operation
    III. Pull "G6 USB2.0 Adapter" out from the USB port of PC.
    IV. Pull "G6DS" out from "G6 USB2.0 Adapter.

    If nothing is displayed on the screen of your console after inserting G6DS into. It's quite possible that the format of the G6DS is damaged. It needs repair by our maintenance tools.

    1. Insert G6DS into the NDS.
    2. Press the "start" button while booting up the NDS. (Run the format utility)
    3. Press the "start" button again to confirm doing the format process.
    4. If the text of "Format... OK" appears, it means the process is success.
    5. Connect G6DS to the PC, copy the "system" files into the G6DS.
    6. Put G6DS into the console and test it.

    Supported software is available at http://www.g6flash.com

    Well, it seems that download play will work for every game but you will have to give up using Reset and Cheats to do it
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    ...? no way...
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    If you can believe what it says here, then it is true! That would be amazing and would make it a purchase over other flashcarts. [​IMG]