G6 Beyond Repair?

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    Oct 1, 2006
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    I've had my G6 for several months and its ok, with the occasional corruption so I would have to format it. I follow most of the safety advices such as Safely Removing it through Windows before plugging. But around yesterday, the screen goes black and I tried formating, and nothing would happen, it'll still turn up black. I've tried everything possible, formatting in FAT 32 , FAT, mputility, and all the secret codes. When I test the memory (LRAB) it would say ok. When I try to erase the memory, it would tell me Fail performed erase operation! and when I try to reload the v4.7 firmwares, it would freeze and a few 1s would pop out randomly. Can anyone help me or do I have to return it?

    Edit* Oh and when I stick it in my computer, two new drives show up, ones like a few mb and the other is 498mb. No, I don't have anything else connected.