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    Jul 31, 2007
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    So I recently ordered an R4DS along with a 1gb kingston from Meritline. Now, there's a chance that I may receive the Taiwan memory instead of the Japan, so I wanted a question of mine addressed. What do you think of upcoming DS game releases and their compatibilities with slower working memory? Supposedly the Taiwan reads/writes slower than the Japanese, but is able to play games fine including Portrait of Ruin (when formatted correctly). So what about anticipated games that are on the horizon like Phantom Hourglass, Crystal Chronicles, Final Fantasy XII? I'm sure there's people that really know enough about microsd to make some educated guess work. Any input would be appreciated, thanks guys.
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    I don't think there have been any speed issues on any SD card for the JPN version of the games, so there probably won't be in other versions. But it's possible for newer games to have SD speed problems.
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    eh hopefully no problems.