funny thing happened when wii u asked to update to play game

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  1. street

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    Jan 17, 2016
    i just bought the nsmbu my wii u is on 5.5e
    i inserted the disc it said i needed to download a update
    but i turned my internet off before even starting the game plus no connection was setup
    it kept saying i needed to update i kept cancling going thru a loop of setup connection need to update setup connection etc
    i kept clicking cancel then a window popped up saying start this software without updating and i was able to play it...not online obv but still
  2. annoyingcalc

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    Mar 16, 2014
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    It's talking about a game update, not a system update. Also, 5.5 isn't the latest version.
  3. Chuardo

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    Oct 4, 2015
    I have nsmbu, it should do that, the console has a list of updates, even if you don't own a disc, if you insert the disc on the console without Internet the console already knows that a Game Update is aviable without checking, so that is nothing new.
    If you don't update the game you can still play it, without Online tho, I have an old version of Netflix but I can still see movies and series Online, I think that it's a exception to the rule, but that's cool, so I never update Netflix, maybe in the future that say like on Youtube "For using the online services you need to update the Game" or something like that.

    The Update of this the game lets you use a Controller Pro, it gives you the option to buy Super Luigi U on the eShop and also you can use MiiVerse inside the Overworld of the game, nothing important, the game has no online mode, so you don't lose anything if you don't update.
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