Funk Dat


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Mar 16, 2008
In front of the PC
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United States
Question why is it that every time I walking down the street
Somebody wants to stop me
Just to give me a flier.
Come on man !!
Funk dat !!
Get out of my way !!

Question why is that everytime I walk into the bank
The tellers look at me like I am the one that robbed them last night
Come on man !!
Funk dat !!
What are you looking at !!

Question why is it that everytime I turn on the radio
I hear the same five songs fifteen times a day for three months
Man funk dat !!
Get a new dj !!

Question why is it that bums ask me for money when I aint got none,
Whats it an iddiot thing or something let me remind this dude he aint got no money hunh !
Man funk dat!!!!
Get a job !!

You know everytime I see me neightbor she tells me to stay out of trouble,
The other one looks at me like I am the one that got her daughter strung out
Come on man !!
Funk dat !!
What are you looking at!!

Seems like eveytime it never fails it never fails
Im just chilling in my crib minding
My own business and somebody wants to call me just to talk about nothing
Funk dat !!
Get a life !!

Question why is it that when I go out to a night club
Only the ugly chicks want to step to me,
I mean like i'm ugly or something ha
What you mean ha!
Funk dat !!
Get out of my face !!


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    Peppermon i think
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    Cheddar carmal and peppermint bins
  • Freezer6 @ Freezer6:
    Cheddar :toot::wub:
  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    I don't like popcorn at all; bland taste, and it got ruined for me because of high school - the school cafeteria reeked of microwave popcorn for several days...utterly revolting, couldn't even enter the place it stunk so bad.
  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    Nah, for movies I'd rather get a bag of lollies instead of popcorn.
  • Costello @ Costello:
    lollypops? a whole bag?
  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    Not lollipops; what Americans would call "candies" or just "candy" IDK. Before the pandemic, cinemas used to have buckets of different ones - sour cola, sour watermelon, and many others; I used to get a scoopful of two or three types into a paper bag to have throughout the movie.
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    Pft who needs teeth
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    I got liquid candy once they do so in your face dentist
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    kenenthk rolls 1d6 and gets 6 (6).
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    Aye let's go got 6
  • The Real Jdbye @ The Real Jdbye:
    i agree popcorn is bland but caramel popcorn is really good
  • tabzer @ tabzer:
    butter soy (sauce) popcorn is the way to go
  • DinohScene @ DinohScene:
    yuck, popcorn
  • Veho @ Veho:
    Mmmm, popcorn.
  • Veho @ Veho:
    Bring on the caramel kettle corn pls.
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    Okay, users of Vivaldi on Android: Don't toggle "Desktop Site" on Stuff breaks.
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    The kernel of corn said you won't make me number two.
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    @Psionic Roshambo what you been up to as of late?
  • Flame @ Flame:
    any new Chinese cheap stuff?
    Flame @ Flame: any new Chinese cheap stuff?