Fun (ny) Video Game Moments of This Week

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by LightyKD, Aug 11, 2012.

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    The week is almost over (ends in a few hours) and to pass some time I thought we could all talk about some funny in game moments we had this week.

    Aside from playing Dead Space Extraction (Wii Version) for a few hours yesterday, I had this awesome moment in Deus Ex Human Revolution (OnLive version). I had just finished the warehouse mission and all the Sarif building stuff and was beginning to explore Detroit. somehow I ended up in the subway and saw this group of performers. I guess you can say a little bit if deviance got into me because, I decided to give the lead dancer a knock out punch! Now I dont normally get off with messing with civilian NPCs but the camera angle of the punch and the awkwardness of having that whole band watching just made me giggle for a good two minutes. My best friend was also Watching and joined in on the laugh

    Sadly the cops came around and started shooting. That one thing I don't like about that game. Instead of being a bit more realistic and having nearby officers arrest gamers who break the law, the damn cops decide to pop a cap in your ass. In real life the blatant police murder of a suspect would not happen without some form of public outcry. Either way, that's my fun moment. Luckily I never saved those actions so I really should go back, make a recording and post it here. Of course, someone else could just do the same :P

    OK people! Time to share your moments! :)
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    I thought I was underleveled in Chrono Trigger. Grinded for an hour, and then all of a sudden I am killing every enemy in 1 hit.