from gateway mset to sighax

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    Dec 17, 2012
    so, my 3ds was getting dusty so i think its about time to update it
    its an o3ds with gateway and mset exploit (sysNAND 4.2.0-9U/emuNAND 11.2.0-35U)

    thing is, no one even acknowledges gateway existance anymore, so i cant even tell whats compatible or what isnt

    so the question is before even attempting any tutorial on installing sighax i want to know

    - how should i backup my game save files? (both .cia and .3ds games)
    - will i need to generate a new friend code?
    - do i need to update my sysNAND? if so, to what version
    - a noob friendly tutorial for someone who never used a9lh
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    1. You can follow my tutorial here for converting Gateway saves:
    It's fairly old, but it's the only guide covering this. Good luck though, it's VERY tedious and takes long to go through.

    2. Nope you can use the same friend code, and pretty much the same home menu. You can transfer emunand to sysnand and all your stuff will be kept.

    3. You can update sysnand after you installed Boot9strap and transferred emunand.

    4. Boot9strap setup is extremely noob friendly, you should follow

    Gateway is abandoned by now and you should abandon it too. Boot9strap is far superior and is continuously getting free support.
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