Frogminer: new, free way to install B9S on 3DS on latest firmware

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    @zoogie expanded his collection of DSiWare magic last week (which includes b9stool, steelminer and seedminer), producing a way to install B9S for free, for EU, US, and JP consoles.

    In the past, installing B9S using DSiWare always required buying a game: either on a second, already hacked 3DS which would install the hacked save, then do a system transfer to the console you wished to hack (buying the game was necessary or it wouldn't transfer to the other console). Or, through seedminer, where you would bruteforce your moveable.sed so that you could buy the game on the console you wished to hack, and be able to inject the hacked save without need of a second, already hacked console. Now, it is possible to inject a copy of the vulnerable Japanese version of Flipnote Studio into a DSiWare title that is already present on every console: DS Download Play. This means CFW can now be installed for free, even on the latest firmware!

    The process is called Frogminer because the logo for Flipnote Studio is a frog.

    To date, it hasn't been incorporated into Plailect's guide yet, but there is a well-tested guide here.

    Discussion thread & support is here.
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