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Aug 27, 2007
Frodo v9
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Frodo is a Commodore 64 emulator ported to the Wii by Simon Kagstrom. New in this update is the ability to play online against friends, some limitation does however limit which games you'll be able to play. For other updates in this release see the changelog below.

From version 9 onwards, Frodo/Wii supports playing games over the Internet. Traffic is completely peer-to-peer, but connections are handled through a third-party server at This allows players to find each other, but also NAT-traversal. To play over the network, follow these steps:
* Select Other options/Networking/Set username and choose a name so that your friends can identify you
* Talk with your friend on IRC or on some instant messenger. One of you should host the game while the other connects as a client
* For the one hosting the game, select Other options/Networking/Host a game. After this, you just wait for your friend to connect
* For the client, select Other options/Networking/Connect as client. You will then get a list of game hosts. Select the name of your friend and you two will be connected

Some limitations:
* Scrolling games are too bandwidth-hungry (bandwidth is capped)
* It must be possible to configure the network via DHCP. Sorry about that.
* Only the game host can type at the keyboard.
* The host can select which joystick to control. The other peer will always control the other joystick
- It's now possible to start hosting a network game "in the background" and continue using the emulator while waiting for someone to connect
- Networking support now works (but without sound being transferred). A broker is installed on
- Link with Yohanes port of SDL, modified by Danny Milo to get USB keyboards working while still having the Home key do what it should
- There are sound cracks in this version, caused by the new SDL (unsure why)
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