Freezing your Dead / Dying Laptop Battery

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    Through Various readings on the internet one method of Reviving Lithium Ion battery's has always kinda interested me, and that is to put it blunt shoving it in your freezer.

    Yes im serious. Now I bought myself a 2nd hand Dell D600 which as some may know is about 6 years old now, Surprisingly the Battery does hold some charge but not a whole lot, it charges to about only Half its Capacity.

    Normally I would just go out and buy me another from eBay or Deal Extreme as Id never pay £100 for a battery not to mention im also off to Scotland for a few days and need my laptop, and hell it cannot get much worse so I figured why not try the freezer trick overnight and see if there is any improvement.

    The Method is this from what I hear is this.

    • Discharge your battery if it can still hold any charge as best as you can
    • Put it in a sealed plastic bag
    • Shove it in the freezer

    Now the time they have stated varies so i will try overnight while I sleep, In fact after the battery goes flat this time. I Will share experiences and keep you all informed.

    As of right now according to Everest my battery's wear level is between 49% and 53% and as you can guess Lower is better. Running time is about 1 Hour 20 if im leaving it idle, about 45 mins if im on the net about 30 if im doing anything heavy.



    Update 1: Discharged the battery So low it cant even Post fully xD Double Vacuum packed the battery in plastic bags and put in the freezer at 22:50 GMT+1


    Update 2: Pulled the battery outta the freezer at 14:30 GMT+1 Now waiting for it to defrost after giving it 1 hard wack
    Update 3: Defrosted and now charging it up
    Update 4: No Change, Oh Well
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    I have frozen hard drives in order to get data off of them in the past, I was not aware that freezing a battery could help it?
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    Myth BUSTED!