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    On July 30th, Nintendo sent out the 11.8 3DS software update. The update, while seemingly standard at first glance, actually managed to break support for Luma3DS, CakesFW, ReiSix, and other popular 3DS CFWs. (though fixes were issued within the same day) This wasn't the only change made, as Nintendo also changed the way that the 3DS detects pirated copies of games, as well as how certain programs like freeShop, CIAngel, 3DSvillain, WiiU USB Helper, and others handle downloading titles. Now, a much more stringent method is in place, requiring a "check" of sorts when you try to download a game with it.

    A more detailed explanation of why this occurs is transcribed below:

    Credit to @astronautlevel

    At the time of this thread some games are still available to download, though Nintendo-developed or published games are beginning to result in a 403 Forbidden error. This is only for the Nintendo 3DS, currently, while Wii U games are unaffected.

    For issues regarding the DNS on the titlekey sites, this can be resolved by editing your C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc Hosts file in notepad to have " titlekeysitehere" and saving it.

    Linking to the titlekey sites is still against the rules.
    Linking to sites hosting .CIAs or asking where to find .CIA files is still against the rules.

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    :arrow: If you have simple questions, you can ask them here

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