Freedom Wars difference between JP and US versions...We get no voice action...WTF?!?

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Games & Content' started by Swing, Nov 9, 2014.

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    I started this topic originally at gamefa9s don't worry mods the 9 stands for a q but it got deleted and I lost Karma for asking this:

    Okay this got moderated and taken down and I lost points, I assume because I said the "H" word OMG! But I wanted to debate with you guys why the intro video was different? ALSO WHY REMOVED THE VOICE?!? I have both games and it's awesome to make your accessory say some very bad things in a combination of engrish and kana so it looks like crazy characters but sounds something like "Royal is a pimp" "Me Love you long time" "Suck my barrs":yay: Why do you guys think we got a separate one? And then the translation errors which if you know japanese and have the japanese version you can definitely make out. As well as some other differences, sexual innuendos etc... Funny how my topic got taken down when people can talk about sex all the time... Anyways why you think the difference between this:

    And this:


    Personally I think the west didn't like the Japanese calling us out on our upcoming dystopian future...
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