Gaming Free Wii Fit Tote Bag, 3 Extra Months Wii Warranty


Nov 7, 2006
United States
Thought maybe some of you guys would be interested in this...

QUOTE said:
Free Wii Fit Tote Bag when you register your Wii Fit Plus at Club Nintendo & 3 extra months on Warranty for registering your Wii console.
I decided today to register the Wii we got for Christmas at the nintendo site. I had to join the Club Nintendo (free) to register the Wii. Registering and completing their very short survey adds 3 additional months of warranty to the one year Wii warranty for a total of 15 months from date of purchase.

While I there registering the console, I decided to just go ahead and register my other Wii games while I was at it. When I registered my Wii Fit Plus and answered the same short survey for it I then got a message pop up on the site that said my Wii Fit Plus registration qualified me for a Free Wii tote bag. All I had to do was say Okay, I'll take it. They used the address info I'd supplied at registration and put me on their list to receive a free tote bag from Nintendo. This is at zero cost, no shipping fees or anything. Very simple and easy to do. Won't get it for several weeks, but I'm in no hurry so I don't mind.

The bag is kinda cute I guess from the photo. It is white with lime green handles (like the Wii fit plus colors) and has a Wii Mii family on the bag. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with it, but free is free. I'll find some use for it.

Register at club nintendo;jsessionid=A4B92E4883456B3315A0E28067A4DF7C;jsessionid=A4B92E4883456B3315A0E28067A4DF7C and complete their survey. (takes maybe 1 or 2 minutes to complete, unless you want to write extra comments)

Seems like a pretty slick deal to me. 3 free extra warranty months for registering the Wii and a free tote bag for registering the Wii fit plus...both of which we got at Christmas.

To Summarize:

Register your Wii with Club Nintendo to get an extra 3 months added to your warranty (a total of 15 months after date of purchase if you do this).

Register your Wii Fit game with Club Nintendo to receive a nice Wii Tote Bag.

Both are FREE.

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