Hacking Free homebrew options on a 3.35 PS TV?


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May 9, 2007
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Trying not to sound like a total idiot here but I think it's a fair assessment to say that it's difficult to figure out what to do when first trying to get homebrew on the Vita. Methods for installation aren't too much worse than homebrew on any other system, but there's about a dozen different hacks with various requirements...

I'm trying to assess what options I have as a new PS TV owner that I can install for free or near free.

Rejuvenate (though it seems there's not many apps available for it right now, is that right?) needs something that has an update, so it needs a game or access to PSN.
Obviously I'll buy a game that needs an update at some point, but for right now is there a way to load a game from a PC or a PS3? And would that PS3 have to be on the same network? Or maybe Vita Update Blocker is supposed to allow PSN access and isn't working for me?

The various PSP mode exploits can all be installed through custom bubbles replacing a PSP game/demo, right? So the same question applies there for getting one on the PS TV without the newest firmware.

Is there anything else obvious that I don't know about? Can the WebKit Exploit be used for anything?

Again, sorry for the obvious noob thread...
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