Free Custom Pokemon [24/7 GTS Giveaway + Mega Stones (SM/USUM)]

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    Hello GBATemp! I just wanted to drop by and share a project I've been working on for quite some time now, about 18 months. I've created a fully automated trade station for SM/USUM users. The service is 100% free, and capable of generating customized Pokemon on the spot, and trade you within minutes on the GTS. We've also figured out how to exploit mega stones to be passed through the GTS as a held item. That should save some Battle Tree grinding for some users.

    Anyways, as said above, the giveaway runs for the most part 24/7 on my Twitch channel. I set it up on Twitch so people could see their trades processed in real time. All trades are also done via commands in the Twitch channel. I'll give a basic breakdown of my system below. I hope to see some new faces around, and hope you guys enjoy the software/service I've created. There really is no other service like it that I'm aware of! Without further ado, let's break down the system!

    First and foremost, trades happen on my Twitch channel, you can check it out here:

    There's tons of things to do to pass time while waiting for your trades as well. From trivia, to music, and various chat mini games. Below is a tutorial how to start the actual trade process on the stream.

    1) First, make sure to save your Nintendo friend code into our system. This can be done by typing the following command into the chat:

    !savefc ####-####-#### (Example: !savefc 4291-4959-2894)

    2) If done correctly, the chat bot will respond letting you know your friend code was saved in the system. Next is requesting an actual trade. Please note we offer the complete National Pokedex on our system, excluding Mythical Pokemon, since they are not able to be traded on the GTS. Please do note however, some event Pokemon will pass through the GTS, such as the Pikachu hat events. Once you've deposited your Pokemon on the GTS, type the following command into the chat, assuming you deposited a Pikipek.

    !trade Deposit: Pikipek

    This will send the one of our 6 robots to the GTS, searching for your deposit via Friend Code. Once found, the bot will deliver your Pokemon! As stated earlier in the post, you can further customize your trade requests by typing longer chat commands. I'll give a big example of a possible trade command below.

    !trade Deposit: Dewpider, Nickname: Mikey, Ability: Pressure, Nature: Timid, Spa: 252, Spe: 252, HP: 4, TID: 12345, SID: 12345, OT: PokeNursery, 1: Tackle, 2: Leer, 3: Poison Jab, 4: Protect, Item: Gengarite

    The above command should be self explanatory, but I'll break it down for those that may have questions. So what we're telling the bot in this command is we've deposited Dewpider on the GTS. We're also requesting for our delivered Pokemon to be nicknamed "Mikey", with the ability Pressure and a Timid nature. We've also told the bot what EV spread we would like on our delivered Pokemon, as well as what our TID/SID/OT is. We also told the bot we would like the move set Tackle, Leer, Poison Jab, and Protect. Lastly, we've asked the bot to deliver our Pokemon with the Held Item Gengarite.

    Please note, there are a few other things you can do as well with the custom commands. Defining your IVs is also possible, as well as setting specific forms, such as Kanto or Alolan. If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to ask on stream. Myself or a moderator will gladly help you get going.

    Thank you for the lengthy read, and hope to see some of you soon!


    Get free fully customizable Pokemon via Twitch chat commands here:

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    Is there anyway youd ever consider sharing the bot? I have 3 3ds's and want to share pokemon for the next 2 years before the 3ds network gets taken down. Please let me know
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    The cancer of pokemon. Projectpokemon forum has it were someone asked for the files. When inspected in pkhex those gens where utter shit.