Franchises that ultimately redeemed themselves.

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    Frequently in this section we see comments along the lines of "it was good until", "I only partake in it because I am invested", "I gave up on it after" and other such things. Indeed there have been threads on the matter
    Frequent things that kind of criticism is levelled at include
    Walking Dead TV show (though frankly I saw the beginning of the end about 3 episodes in)
    Wheel of Time book series.
    Avatar The Legend of Korra
    Pick any police procedural or similar show (Dexter was not a police procedural in the traditional sense but it was hardly unrelated). Though the usual "compared to The Wire" problem probably comes up here.

    You can do games as well if you like but Books, Music, TV and Films like the section title says are what I am mainly looking for. If they got bad, picked back up and then ultimately blew it then it can still play.

    However sometimes they pull themselves out of their rut. Most recently we either got a final farewell from Avatar or it started picking up, some people liked the post Robert Jordan Wheel of Time books, many a film series has this*, after a slump I am quite enjoying Sons of Anarchy again and NCIS is getting back on form for me as well though I am not sure why.

    *star wars poses an interesting question for some, personally I have no great affection for it and it is just another 80's film. However people have been trying on different orders, different edits and other such things.

    Similarly did something make more sense after you read the book(s)?
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