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Nov 8, 2018
Hello. :)

Maybe a little "funny" Story for you.

I have now two actual Service cases about two identical Devices.

The First goes to France:

- buyed on Amazon over an third-party Seller in France.
- the device was delivered very quickly within a few days
(sadly also broken within a few days..:D)
- Support/warranty inquiry to the Seller over Amazon
- replied on the same day and initiated the warranty process (and the Adress where I have to send the broken device).
- "shipped" it the next day by post and send him the bill for it.ONE HOUR later I got the confirmation to get back the money for this within the next 3-5 days.:O
- now I have to wait a few days to get refunded the price of the device.:)


The Second goes to China:

- buyed on Aliexpress over an Seller in China.
- the device was delivered as usual after 4 Weeks.
(sadly also broken within a few days..:D)
- Support/warranty inquiry to the Seller over Aliexpress Support "Message Service"
(sadly I left the goods for almost 3 weeks and then installed - MY FAULT !) - DESPUT TIME is OVER,my friend.
- day after day after day no answer
- after a Week of "please can you help me" asking...dramatic turn !!
- Aliexpress has a NEW Chatting Supprt System.....:yay:
- Contacted AGAIN the SAME Seller over that "brand new" System and.....
- get a reply on the same day.I explained the "Story " again ( No Dispute possible and so on...)
and asked for a warranty process.
- Support wants Pictures and Videos from the Issue - No Problem sending Pictures (of an BLINKING LED - great Idea...:wacko: ).
Video to China ? Well that is an great Challenge - I uploaded a Video of the Issue on Youtube/GDrive/4shared and so on....)
For the Support it is sadly not POSSIBLE to get to the Video....
- after a Week of writing back and forth to send the Video Support had a great Idea: Please Upload to an Chinese hoster (who has ENGLISH LETTERS on his Homepage).Yes in the same second...Video has arrived to Support.
- another 4 days later: Support asks:

Original quote:
Hello freind, sorry for the problem, there is something wrong with the system, we can not open it aiain, dear could you please help us send it again into this mailbox [email protected] , please attach your name and your order number, when you finish please contact us and send us your mailbox so we can tell. Thank you. And really sorry

After sending the requested the Support says: And now you have to wait PATIENTLY please.
That was on 20th Juni.

July 13th I feel free to ASK:
Hello friend. Do you have news on my Story please ? Thank you.
13/07 5:32 AM

- Suport answers on the next day:

Dear, we are sorry for the long-time waiting and your parcel should have arrived, however it might be encountered some troubles during the shipping. Could you please go to the delivery office to check . Thanks a lot.

Does it mean they sent a NEW ONE ? Can this be real ? :bow:

Thank you !!!!

- I tell Support that I am very happy that they sent a new one.
Answer from Support:
Hello friend, sorry what do you mean? Dear have you been to post office for a check? Thank you.

- What ? I am in a dream ?
But ok maybe is there a "Parcel" for me.

Not at all, where did it come from?

-Answer to Support:
Hello friend.On the Post Office nothing is there.I am very,very unhappy and sad and I regret it to buy on Aliexpress.Sorry it is no fun to me.Kind regards.

Answer from Support after over a Month Support "writing":

Sorry friend, your parcel might be lost during the transportation. How about you open a dispute and contact us and we will refund you. Sorry for the inconvenience. Waiting for your response. Thank you.


I will keep you informed what happens on Monday......

Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun on it.:rofl2:


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