Found my old vita, what should I do?

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    Jul 3, 2016
    Hey guys, so I found my vita yesterday which I haven't seen in a couple of years.

    Figured the vita scene has probably moved on a lot since I last looked. What should I do to my vita now?

    Running 2.01 firmware.

    Also got the old Uno exploit installed still which loads TN menu 1.0.1 for psp homebrew etc.

    Any help appreciated guys :)
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    You should manually update to 3.18; that's where all of the more recent exploits can be performed.
    Just follow the first part of this tutorial to do so. Be sure to grab the 3.18 update pack from the update repository it links to!

    When you are fully updated to 3.18, you can upgrade your TN menu (very outdated) to TN-V11, which enables PSP backup loading, as well as being able to still load homebrew. To install TN-V, you can use any PSP game or demo (I recommend using the free Echochrome PSP demo, as users here have reported that the demo works as a basegame for the TN-V installation)

    This is the definitive guide to follow if you want to do a few interesting things with your Vita, including installing TN-V:

    Be sure to follow Tutorial 1 first, as you will need the mail exploit to write a few files to the Vita's memory card when you are setting up TN-V. :teach: