1. Alex S

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    May 2, 2016
    United States
    Today i stumbled across my old cart after years and booted it up in my gamecube to find that the games on it just go to a white screen or refuse to boot, getting stuck near the end of loading the rom ( a few kb short) so any ideas on how i can fix it? Here is an image of the cart and if needbe i can open it up and show the pcb. [​IMG]

    Thanks in Advance For any help ^-^
  2. pasc

    pasc Newbie

    Well, my old EZ-Flash Linker (written to via USB - PC gateway) also stopped working one day.

    Your cards chips set is probably fried.

    The ram chips in those flashcards aren't forever. They can be written to several 100-1000 times I surmise and than thats it.
    (Same goes for mobile phones btw. The life expectancy is issued to around 10 years MAX. Those chips aren't supposed to last forever. Shame really)

    Your best bet is to check ebay, I've seen SC's for ~15€ there.

    Then again, it appears (as far as I can remember) that the SC's in general suffered from slowdowns.

    Maybe you'd be better off just getting a EZ-IV or something.
    (Or get a EZ 3-in-1 cause they can be rewritten to and act like an actual gamecard. still some of my most beloved flashcards)
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