Found Mistake in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (Spanish)

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    I'm not a native speaker so I'm not entirely sure, but I just got up to the top of Monte Pirico (Mt. Pyre) and so Team Aqua just took the blue prism and I took the red prism with me

    Then after Team Aqua left one of the other guys up there says to me "Seguro que la separación de Prisma Azul que te acabo de entregar y el Prisma Rojo que esos tipejos se han llevado no nos traerá más que disgustos"

    Again, I'm not a native speaker but what I understood is "I'm sure that the separation of the Blue Prism that I just gave you and the Red Prism that those bums took will cause nothing but trouble."

    So, they seem to have swapped Red & Blue around? This looks like it's the dialogue for Omega Ruby... did they forget to change it for Alpha Sapphire in the Spanish translation?

    I also don't see this reported anywhere. Note that I started the game in English and changed it to Spanish with PkHex, in case that might have an effect (which I highly, highly doubt since there's no logic behind that whatsoever)
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    Feb 13, 2016
    in the remake is that way it´s correct