Found a way to update emuNAND to a specific version, but some things don't work. Help?

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    Jun 2, 2015
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    So, I wanted to have a 4.5 sysNAND (for obvious reasons; CFW, etc.) and a (specifically) 9.2 emuNAND, so I could boot the latter with the MT-Card launcher and play legit CIAs and actual games from carts without update issues. Right now, I have nothing but an SD card, so I tried to get it working with nothing but that.

    What I did was:
    * Formatted EmuNAND with Gateway launcher
    * Extracted and converted EmuNAND to REDNAND
    * Booted into REDNAND from Palantine
    * Used 3DNUS/3DSNUS CIAs and SysUpdater in Palantine to update the system to 9.2
    * Extracted the REDNAND and trimmed it back into an EmuNAND
    * Formatted EmuNAND from Gateway again to fix the EmuNAND size (because REDNAND makes it the wrong size)
    * Injected the trimmed REDNAND
    * Put the MT-Card Launcher.dat on the card
    * Booted into EmuNAND from the MT-Card Launcher

    And it booted! What I have at this point *appears* to be a 4.5 SysNAND and 9.2 EmuNAND system, but... something's wrong. 9.2 Spider exploits don't work (they just make the browser/system freeze) -
    System Settings shows the system version as MT3D 9.2.0-20U, and a quick user-agent check shows that I have the right browser version.

    As such, I can't run the FW spoof to get into the eShop, and legit CIAs won't appear in the home screen. Under data management, they appear with greyed out block numbers and an X. But they're *legit CIAs.* That shouldn't happen, right?

    So does anybody have any clue what's wrong here? I feel like I'm so close to getting this working I can taste it (I was so happy with myself for getting this working with no prior guides on the subject, but it's falling a bit short of my hopes.)

    EDIT: So, it appears that MT-Card does something differently and it might not be quite the same as, say, booting a 9.x *sys* NAND. Maybe that's the problem. Does anyone know what the latest EmuNAND version that Gateway's Launcher.dat can boot without the cart in is? I know it won't boot 9.2 without a cart in, which is why I'm using the MT-Card launcher instead in the first place.
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