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    im using it for myself but i thought it would be much better if some more applications will have a good fade effect.
    This Forwarder is using GRRLIB 4.0 for the fade effect and for the printf function.
    it doesnt initialis the WIImote because its simply autorestarting on errors. (it will display the msg and autorestart then)
    The wiilight turns on on starting the dol and turns off on loading the defined dol you set up in main.c in the sources like this:

    //Here you can set the colors for BG and Font
    #define bgcolorÂÂ 0x000000FF
    #define fontcolor 0xFFFFFFFF
    //Folder of .dol, here you can set the Path to your needs
    #define DolPath "SD:/apps/wiiflow/boot.dol"
    With GRRLIB you are simply able to add more things like a soundeffect or some image roation effects to this forwarder. its very easy.
    this example is just with fade in / out. but i kept nearto all stuff in grrlib.c except the jpg stuff. so only use png files for now - simply replace the bg.png in the images folder.

    its centering this image to your TV if you want to have something special like one normal image and one 16/9 you'll have to play a bit with the aspect ratio just look in grrlib manual or the forum for that.

    This Code may not be perfect and im sure there are some enhancements for it too, but i just wanted to share it for all now.

    i may help too on some questions for adding new effects etc.

    Link to the .dol and sources:
    (for testing just download .dol only and put it in a created folder of your choice on SD:/apps/ and name it boot.dol, then start it via HBC its poiting currently to SD:/apps/wiiflow)

    If you got some enhancements or updates just post it here and we can talk about that.

    A big thanks to all ppl of the Scene which are giving out the source of their Projects !