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    My Wii is connected with the component (5 plug) cable and in the wii settings I have 480p set. The above CFGusb option raises a couple questions: If I DONT enable it, are my usb games not showing in 480p how they should be as if I was playing vanilla off the disk? Or does this specifically force games not originally programmed for 480p to run in 480p? And since I'm playing the metroid trilogy right now I'm wondering why "should" it be in 480p but isn't, what does that mean? And what is SNEEK? Does setting it to system just use what I have my system set to (480p)?
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    It's for PAL copies of the game. If you have an NTSC game (and you should since you live in the USA) then it will display in 480p as long as your system settings have it enabled.
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    Some games can be problematic or lack 480p or even 480i support.
    Here are a few:

    * COD 3 PAL - no support ( loads in 480p but revert to 567i at start of chapter)
    * Splinter Cell DA PAL - no support ( same as COD )
    * Madworld PAL has NO 480i or 480P support ( not implemented/ left out by SEGA )
    * Madworld NTSCU Needs to be patched from the loader to get 480 P ( this one has NO 567i implemented, so old PAL tv's might not be able to show this one.)
    * Moto GP PAL - only 480 p with sneek+All
    * Scarface TWIY PAL - no support, you'll need NTSCU Version.
    There are probably more.

    FYI : Metroid Prime's 480P has been fixed al long time ago, and will display in P without patching.
    (Depending on your connection method and Wii settings.)

    Please update to the latest version of CFG loader and use the global settings.
    ( and only set the games that need patching, only a handfull...)
    Also make sure you have the latest d2x cios installed.

    P.S. If you want to know if the image on your panel is presented in Progressive Mode, you can check the signal on most tv's.

    On samsungs it's INFO button or source > more > info.